Monday, December 9, 2013

Blue Monday - Trimming the Tree

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One of the traditions I enjoy this time of the year is when my grandchildren trim our tree. This year, two of our son's daughters, and one of his sons-in-law came over to decorate our tree. We have a few Blue ornaments on the tree. Our tree is a "Memory Tree" as it has many decorations that have been given to us by special people and others that have been hand made by me. I love looking at each one and reminiscing when and how it came to us. Then, I give it to one of my helpers to place on the tree. I've captured some Blue ornaments for you to see.

I handmade this  Blue jeweled ornament by sticking many, many little pins into a white satin ball.

A friend painted this angel on a  Blue ornament.

I purchased a set of these circled Blue stained glass ornaments many years ago; each one has a scripture reference on it. This one has baby Jesus in the manger with two lambs and one donkey.

Here's another  Blue ornament that I made by sticking beads and baubles into a form. There's another of the circled  Blue stained glass ornaments above it. (It's a shepherd and two lambs.)

Here's one that Lauren, our first granddaughter, made for me in Sunday School. We've used it for every Christmas tree since l990. It's not Blue, but it's a sweet memory. (Yes, I'm a softie.)

Here's the finished product with my granddaughters Brittany, Jenna, and Jenna's husband, Matt.

Have you decorated your tree?

Happy Blue Monday!


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SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally... and thank you for always hosting :) Our tree is not up yet, but in a day or two, maybe... Your tree looks lovely. So much fun decorating together :) Summer greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla (Two blue posts today, hope you don't mind...)

Sara Chapman said...

I love Victorian things so it's the top one with the satin and pearls that's my fave. Pretty, and I bet it took a long time to make!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sally, I love all of your sentimental ornaments! They are so special!

Happy Blue Monday...



Alexa T said...

Lovely to see those special blue ornaments of yours.. fine idea! Happy Blue Monday & thank you for hosting, once again!!

Unknown said...

Hello. I posted to Blue Monday for awhile about 4 years ago but got off on Macros. I am a little tired of photos of bugs so I am back to you . You are to be commended for keeping your blog going for so long. Nice to be back.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a nice tradition,Sally! I look forward to the day our grandchildren will be old enough to help us decorate our tree. My tree will be decorated this week. We had a house guest this weekend and did not have free time to do it. Happ Blue Monday!

Lina Gustina said...

Love your wonderful ornaments, Sally.
I can't see the linky list. Is it still not open yet or my slow connection?

Ileana said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally!
My tree is not decorated ,yet. Your ornaments are so special!And your tree is very beautiful!

HansHB said...

Lovely decorations on the christmastree!

Neesie said...

Eek! Sally no I haven't trimmed my tree...I haven't even found it yet from our big move.
I guess my tree (when I find it) is a memory tree too. I've always bought a new relevant decoration for it each year. Like you, there are many wonderful memories tied into this tradition.
I've got to get a wriggle on for many reasons...other than the tree I haven't even got a Blue Monday entry ready yet (Gasp)!!! :$
Enjoy the day :D

Anni said...

Oh no, not for another two weeks! We will buy a fresh spruce and decorate it two or three days before Christmas Eve.

Yours looks like a real Memory Tree! It must be great to see all small these items, ful of memories, every year.

Happy Blue Monday everybody!

Hannah said...

I've been in a lull since Thanksgiving, trying to make up my mind about buying a better camera. But the artificial tree (LOL) is out of the attic, so soon... I am also sentimenal about hanging ornaments made by my children and theirs- and some I made too. The stained glass, beaded, and photo ones are special treasures.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without blue ornaments on the tree. May you have a blessed one!

My Desktop Daily said...

Thank you for hosting, Sally. We put up the Christmas decorations this weekend just past.
Your decorations and tree look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I haven't joined in for a long time. You have some nice blue ornaments on your tree.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Happy Blue monday Sally!

Anonymous said...

very nice tradition, happy Monday :)

LV said...

For some reason, could be age related, I lost a lot of my Christmas spirit this year. I am not putting up a tree just for me. I have lots of decorations, but seems you do not get them up until it is time to take down. Your family did a super job on yours. Looks very pretty.

photodoug said...

Sally, love your tree with all its ornaments, especially the angel on the blue bulb.

Leovi said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful decorative and creative idea! I love these original Christmas creations!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I especially like your hand-made decoration - always the best in my opinion - we don't bother with a tree these days but we have a crib the figures of which my wife painted about 35 years ago and we just get that down each year - sorry to be late commenting but after posting my link had to get straight out shopping.

JLS Hall said...

That's a lovely tradition you have, Sally.
Your first photo really got to me - I have that exact little snowman decoration. For some reason, he's one of my favorite ornaments.
And I have several handmade blue and white ornaments just like that one, too. I remember how many LONG hours it took to stick in all those pins! Mine are not in as good a shape as yours are.
Love your memory tree!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely and happy Holiday photos ~ thanks, carol, xxx

Loui♥ said...

beautiful ornaments!!
thanks for sharing!!!
hugs and smiles..Loui♥

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

I enjoyed reading about your memories with the different ornaments on your tree. I hope you enjoy my blues. Thanks for letting me join the party.

Rob Hunt said...

Sorry I am late with my comment Sally. I appreciate being able to join in the this week with something blue. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Just bought the tree yesterday, so it's not up yet! But have almost all my Christmas gifts:) Great you can make trimming the tree a family affair:)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You are so blessed with beautiful grandchildren and help with the tree. There IS some blue in my new painting. I want to show the blue of the SF bay soon!

Jim said...

Very Christmassy.

Eileen said...

I love the blue ornaments. :) Happy Blue Monday. Thanks for hosting!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Sally, what a lovely post! I am so far behind this year! I use to decorate my house to the hilt with the kids when they were small! I will be putting up the tree this weekend. Did some baking this past wekeend. Sigh! But better late than not here at all. Hugs Anne

joyh82 said...

Great looking family! and I think having them decorate the tree is an awesome idea. Happy Blue Monday, sorry I am entering so late.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hi Sally
Well sort of... We have a tree, we found some decorations, the kids weren't that fussed about decorating it and the tree made me sneeze! I'm sure we'll get our act together in time for Christmas though!!!!
So I'm am really enjoying your wonderful happy family photo's of the tree.
Just off on a road trip, won't be posting at BM this week, unless a miracle happens :(
Wren x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tree!

Unknown said...

I love that Angel in blue :)

Savannah Granny said...

Sally you tree is beautiful. Your ornaments are so special. I just love them. I just finished my tree today. We have been traveling. I will be joining your party tomorrow.
merry Christmas