Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue Monday - Shopping for Blue Shoes on President's Day

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Happy Presidents' Day! Will you be shopping? I'm showing you some Blue to get you in the mood for a good day.

Johnny and I were shopping at Dillards the other day, and we spotted some Blue shoes. In this first picture, you can just see the toes from a pair of Teal Blue shoes right above a Turquoise Blue pair.

Here's another view showing the back of these six- or seven-inch heels. Notice that eye-catching tri-color pair--part of them are a layer of Blue. Look how high they are! I would never be able to wear them!

If you prefer a pattern, here's a platform pair for you with Blue included in the design.

Could you wear shoes with heels this high?

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Happy Blue Monday!

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Dhemz said...

ayay! spring the blue one! happy president's day Sally!

Elaine said...

Hello Sally Those shoes are nice looking and so colorful but I'm afraid they were made for younger feet than mine..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful shoes! Happy BM Sally.

Deli said...

Lovely shoes but too high for me! Have a great Blue Monday :)

Fashion Momma said...

Love the shoes!

My Blue Monday.

Carol Ann said...

Sally, Those are some blue shoes!My feet hurt just thinking about wearing them! Have a great day:)

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

Oh my, I haven't worn heels in ages and certainly couldn't wear those! I'd break my neck!! They are pretty cool though!
Happy Blue Monday!

Dinah said...

Oh, I love the teal shoes! But I cant walk on heels even if my life depended on it :-)

Barbara Jean said...

oooh love those blue shoes!!

thanks for hosting.

barbara jean

xinex said...

Stylish looking shoes, Sally. Have a nice week!...Christine

Marice said...

I heart all the shoes!!

Anni said...

Beautiful shoes! But no, I could't wear them, especially not in this snowy weather ...

Happy Blue Monday everybody!

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Happy Blue Monday,
... adorable shoes :)

Greetings from Australia♥

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Good shots, but I am amazed at how women are able to walk in these shoes!
Thanks for hosting.

bj said...

Hi, Sally....hope you are doing good now.
Hugs, bj

Mark said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally

Gypsea Nurse said...

Happy Blue Sally~
I am so digging your shoes!!
Cricket @ Gypsea

Eden said...

Those are beautiful. But I don't wear high heel shoes.

Czjai said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally!
Appologies for my rather sad and depressing post for your meme. :(

LL Cool Joe said...

I decided to join in this week after seeing your meme on John's blog. :)

Laura said...

fun-ky shoes!

Beverly said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally.

Ugh! I'm sad to say my heel-wearing days are long past, but I did love them in my day.

Unknown said...

i never had a turquoise-colored shoes. i used to wear high heels when i was younger. now i prefer comfort.:p

these are potentially deadly shoes.:p

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Good morning Sally, You know the saying is, if you wore it when it was originally in style then maybe you shouldn't be wearing it when it comes back. I wore platform shoes in the 70's so I think maybe I should leave them for a younger generation (lol)! They are very pretty, but not for me. Have a wonderful week.
♥, Susan

Sonia said...

How shoes..don't think I even have a pair of blue shoes. Maybe I should go shopping!!
Miss Bloomers

Anonymous said...

I can't wear much of a heel at all. I don't see how people can walk in some of those things.

I usually have one pair of navy blue flats in the closet to wear with primarily blue clothes.

Erica (Irene) said...

Love the shoes.....and love this post as I'm a shoe girl.


Emzkie said...

love all the shoes! wish theres Dilliard here in our location. i would be there by now buying those pairs! lol. love love shoes. <3

Jeanne said...

Good morning Sally, 'out shopping' sounds like good news to me. I am so happy to hear about your shoe shopping spree. However, I am with you about these shoes. Platforms??? yikes. Fashion just keeps repeating itself over the years. I used to wear high heeled shoes when I worked but those days are over.

Happy Blue Monday.

Kim, USA said...

Hi Sally, we don't have Dillards here in Michigan. Those shoes are awesome that is my kind of shoes, lol! Love them all hehehe. Happy Presidents Day!

Blue Sky

My name is Riet said...

Sally I love them all. Shoes these days are so beautiful , the only thing is I can't wear them any more. :((((((( sniff
Happy blue Monday


Love the blue ones the best, wish I could wear them, but my knees are in a little pain, so must wear little heels. My granddaughter Cayetana is on my post with her pretty Dorothy's custom in blue! Hope you are well sweet lady and have a good President's Day.

LadyD Piano said...

LOVE the blue shoes. In 30 years of performing music on stage with heels, I am a "happy camper" and retired performer, walking around in my sweet, flat shoes! Delightful post Sally. Happy Blue Monday!

LV said...

Those shoes are definitely not made for walking. Makes my poor feet hurt looking at them.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I sometimes wonder if one would have to take ballet lessons to learn to stand up in these high heels. Lovely colors - but not for my feet - give me some Birkies and I'm happy.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I sometimes wonder if one would have to take ballet lessons to learn to stand up in these high heels. Lovely colors - but not for my feet - give me some Birkies and I'm happy.

Jessica said...

Happy Presidents Day to you too Ms. Sally :-) love the blue heels :-) Visiting from Blue Monday :-)

Full-On-Forward said...

OMGosh--I MUST keep my wife from seeing this!!! Beautiful subjects!!! Lots of dole!


Unknown said...

Love my boys in blue!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I wish those lovely shoes made me feel like dancin'.... but they make me feel like limping. :-) Darn cute though. Oh, to be young again.


Gayle said...

I love high heels and wear high heels, but those are a bit too high. :-)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hi Sally, I don't think I would be walking very far in those shoes. Give me a nice pair of comfy flats anytime.

Leovi said...

Nice pictures, I love those blue shoes. Greetings.

Twiggy said...

Lovely shoes, so stylish, but a bit too impractical? My feet hurts just from watching your pics of them....

Unknown said...

Those blue shoes are wonderful! Don't wear high heels anymore though.

Ann said...

Beautiful teal color, and I do wear high heels-Love them. I usually wear around 3 1/2 not 5 or 6 inch. Happy Blue Monday.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

I can't imagine balancing on those, although I proably had a few pain when I was MUCH younger. Bless you!


How strange dear Sally, I thought I did! Love,

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I think they look beautiful , but I wear Flats .

GranthamLynn said...

Love the shoes! I was thinking spring too!
Happy Blue Monday,

Judi said...

Hi Sally *hugs*
Aren't those shoes crazy high? I have never been able to nor have I ever wanted to wear shoes like that...they just don't look comfortable for me to wear personally. I do love the colours and the patterened pair. We have a lady at work who wears shoes just like that EVERY day and she has noooo problem wearing them. Oh well....
Happy Belated Blue Monday..
have a great day

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

What great 'blue' shoes. I see a couple pair that would top my Easter parade!

God bless ya sweetie and have an amazin' day!!!

Unknown said...

Well, I just love all the shoes so much. Specially the red and blue one. And also printed is amazing. I wish I could have such pairs.

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