Friday, September 25, 2009

Gloria Pushed and Now I've Fallen

Fall is Gloria's from Happy to Be favorite time of year, and she's about to celebrate her 100th post. Gloria is one of those ladies who loves antiques, and she has a house full of treasures. If you haven't met her yet, pay her a visit. Tell her that Sally sent you.

She had a Fall giveaway, and I won! Yep, Gloria from Happy to Be gave me a push, and now I've fallen. Yesterday, a big box full of Fall things all separately wrapped, came for me to use to decorate my place for the Fall season. Look at all of this good stuff!

Inside the box, Gloria had this beautiful note, covered with pastels roses and a sparkly pink G in the center. It says,
"Dear Sally,
Thank you so much for being one of my followers. Glad you won as you have been with me since Day One. You're the best. May you enjoy.
Hugs & Smiles, Gloria"
Now, isn't that the most generous thing? She thanked ME, and I won all of these goodies!

Look at this! It's filled with recipe cards for pot pies and casseroles. I flipped through it, and some of the recipes look easy enough for even me to make! (You know, my kitchen is a low maintenance one!) In addition, there are coupons at the back of this book.

I absolutely adore these pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. Can you adore salt and pepper shakes? Shelia says, "Yes!"

A new oven mitt and a matching towel came in the package.

Look at this sweet pumpkin plate. I can use it for all sorts of things, but I like to just look at it with its pretty green vine curling downward.

A black crow came along to guard over the goodies.

The table runner has this cute guy sewn on each end. He says, "Happy Harvest."

Now, this is the size candy corn that I could gobble down! Only trouble is, they're both candles. Aren't they cute?

A BIG thank you to Gloria, and Happy Fall y'all!

Kelli from Kelli's House hosts Show and Tell Friday. If you have something special to share, this is the place to show it. It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, or a treasured collection. Go to her place to join in the fun!


Patti VZ said...

SWEET! Nice stuff! Glad you have joined Sheila with being a fallen woman. :)

Cindy said...

Nice stuff you won there.

Coloradolady said...

So cute...this really inspires me to maybe drag my fall decorations out and put some of it out..maybe this weekend...that table runner is really cute!

sara said...

how fun!!! I love the salt and pepper shakers! However, I am so not ready for fall. I am holding on to summer, but may have to give up soon.

btw, my need for another vacation can give you an idea of how stressful things are right now!

Andrea said...

Congratulations and GOD bless, andrea

Becky K. said...

What a wonderful new stash of goodies...and even better the friendship it represents.


Becky K.

Darlene said...

That was a great win of wonderful goodies!!! I know you are going to enjoy everything! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

Gattina said...

Real nice things for automn now ! I also like the salt and pepper pumkins !

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Sally, Lucky you! See what I missed while I was away! All of you goodies are very CUTE! Sorry I missed out on few Blue Mondays. I hope I can get my act together and get back in the groove. I tell you I don't know when I had time in my day to go to work...I'm busier than ever since I was "down-sized". ~ Robyn

Diann @ The Thrfty Groove said...

What a fun box of Fall items to receive! I bet it did help jumpstart the Fall feeling!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sue said...

Gloria is a such a sweetie, isn't she? You have joined us as "fallen" women! Make sure you show us how you decorate with this!
:-) Sue

Sue said...

Gloria is a such a sweetie, isn't she? Glad you have joined us as "fallen" women! Make sure you show us how you decorate with this!
:-) Sue

Libby's Library said...

WooHoo - you hit the jackpot (of maybe the jack-0-lantern:-) I love those salt and pepper shakers!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Congrats, Sally. You won a great big bunch of stuff... I could 'eat' those candy corn candles. ha ha

Have a great day.

Musings of A Minister said...

Looks like good "stuff" to me. Congratulations on being a winner.

Elizabeth said...

Love your Fall goodies! Isn't it fun to decorate for this fabulous season?

God bless,

April said...

Way to go, Sally, on your big win!

bj said... fallen woman, you !! You sure do have a bunch of great stuff here! And, if I could, I'd arm wrestle for those cute candy corn candles. How cute they are!
Love it all...and I know you'll enjoy it. NOW...Sweet Smiling can join us on Tablescape Thursday !!! That runner and candles and s/p shakers...all the makings of a fabulous TABLE FOR TWO !! :o)
xo, bj

Mrs.T said...

What wonderful fall treasures! Thanks for sharing them, and for stopping by my kitchen table too!

Happy Fall!

God bless,

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Sally...Oh girl I'm so glad that you liked this silly stuff and that it got all the way across conutry to you in one piece...I so worry about that when I ship glass...Hope you enjoy my dear friend and again I'm so glad that you won...Now you are also a Fallen woman ha ha!! Thanks for the shout out your the best Sally...I really do mean that I have so admired you from day one...May you and Johnny have a great weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Wow! what wonderful little treaures you have won. I love the pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.


Barbara H. said...

What a cute, fun package!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I am so happy you got MY box of goodies!!! Oh I know they are really yours....but I was hoping!!!
Enjoy them and happy S & T!

Jean said...

Great box of goodies! Next we want to see what you did with it all! Jean

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Great treasures you have won. I especially like the pot pie and casserole cookbook. It is neat to follow the construction of your home. Amazing to see cinder block walls! It will really buffet any hurricanes that come along.

Thank you for visiting my show and tell :)

LV said...

Sally, your goody box was full of wonderful fall items. What a nice win for you. You were blessed with a lot of nice things.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

A wonderful gift, Sally! Love the pumpkin salt & peppers. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your visit today.


My Crafty Little Page said...

Hi Pinkless Sally! Looks like you've made quite a fall haul. Have a wonderful day. :) Nancy

Baba said...

Good morning Sally, congrats on winning these Fall items from Gloria.I have the same pumpkin plate.I need to find the salt and pepper shakers... so cute.

Have a fun week-end watching your new home being built..will you be in it by Christmas??
Hugs, Baba

Carla said...

Sweet!! And I'm not just talking about the candy corn:) (I could see some taste testing going on over here-candle or not:)

claudie said...

Sally I see your house will out-stand all of the rest in Fla. Glad to see the progress.
Happy Winnings.
Happy PS
Love Claudie

xinex said...

Oh, so lucky you, Sally! Congrats! Everything is so lovely and that Gloria is so generous. I hope you have a nice weekend!...Christine

Sue said...

Hi Sally, You are so blessed and Gloria is such a fine lady. I especially loved the candy corn candles, be glad you don't live near me or I might pay you a visit. LOL

I read some of your previous posts, and enjoyed them , loved the pictures with those captions. ha ha.
Now the one that excites me the most is seeing your house go up so fast, I can't tell you how happy I am for you! I Thank you for taking me along on this ride with you.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What fun Fall goodies you received, you lucky gal!!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Tracey said...

What a neat giveaway - congratulations on winning! I need to borrow that cookbook! The pumpkin plate is perfect for serving some fall treats!

bj said...

Since you didn't post for Pink Sat. I am over to check on you. Hope you are just resting...
love, bj

Susan B said...

You won some wonderful fall goodies! I love the candles, and table runner, and pumpkin salt and pepper shakers....very cute.

Tootsie said...

Gloria is my mom you know! (adopted...but still ...) She is just so special. I am so glad you won the prize...she is sincere and so are such a welcome sight at our blogs girl.
I have not been online a whole lot. Just long enough to post here and there...sorry I have been ignoring you!
enjoy your prize!

Lorrie said...

Lot's of great goodies Sally--enjoy them all. It's so much fun to get a package in the mail.

jeanne said...

Hello Sally, I am back home once again. It is good to be home but I had a wonderful trip. I have some great stuff to post about.

Congrats on your wonderful giveaway win. It is all so nice. The candy corn candies look good enough to eat. My favorite fall candy. If you discover some easy tasty recipes in that book, post them.

I will scroll down when I say goodnight and see what I have missed. I wonder how your new home is coming along.

Thank you for your visits while I was gone Sally.

See you tomorrow.

Hugs, Jeanne

PS; I had to put the letters back on my comments as I was getting bad comments that typepad didn't publish. Hundreds of them. A real problem.

Susie Q said...

How wonderful!! Goodie for you and what a sweet giveaway that was!!

My Slice of Heaven said...

I am visiting your blog after your commment about the invitation I shared on Kelli's Show and Tell blog last week. I loved visting all Blue Monday posts today and will try and participate soon! Love the stuff you won! Very generous!

Anita :)