Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Monday - ♪ Happy Birthday, Fats Domino♬

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Yesterday was Fats Domino's 84th birthday! Today, I want to honor him with this Blue birthday cake that I found here on the internet.

Fats Domino is special to me because of his music, and one of his hit songs, Blue Monday, is the inspiration for my Blue Monday meme. Here's a picture of him wearing a Blue suit and tie.

The first time I remember hearing the expression Blue Monday was around l958 when I heard Fats Domino sing this song. I've placed a picture of the 45 record for those of us who are old enough to remember records. Blue Monday was a wildly popular rock and roll song. (Ah, we had REAL music then!) The lyrics aren't the greatest; I'll give you that. I've copied them below for you.

However the song, as we kids used to say, "has a good beat to dance to." That was all that mattered in the 50s--being able to dance to the beat. One friend reminded me that we used to dance the stroll to this song. Remember the stroll? Take time to enjoy some good music and feel free to sing along.

Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday
Got to work like a slave all day
Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday
I'm so tired got no time to play

Here come Wednesday, I'm beat to my socks
My gal calls, got to tell her that I'm out
'Cause Thursday is a hard workin' day
And Friday I get my pay

Saturday mornin', oh Saturday mornin'
All my tiredness has gone away
Got my money and my honey
And I'm out on the stand to play

Sunday mornin' my head is bad
But it's worth it for the time that I had
But I've got to get my rest
'Cause Monday is a mess

In addition, one of my granddaughters, Jenna, is celebrating her 19th birthday today.
We'll all be singing to her this evening.

Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue Monday - Shopping for Blue Shoes on President's Day

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Happy Presidents' Day! Will you be shopping? I'm showing you some Blue to get you in the mood for a good day.

Johnny and I were shopping at Dillards the other day, and we spotted some Blue shoes. In this first picture, you can just see the toes from a pair of Teal Blue shoes right above a Turquoise Blue pair.

Here's another view showing the back of these six- or seven-inch heels. Notice that eye-catching tri-color pair--part of them are a layer of Blue. Look how high they are! I would never be able to wear them!

If you prefer a pattern, here's a platform pair for you with Blue included in the design.

Could you wear shoes with heels this high?

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Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Monday - Gabriella Is Here!

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Life has become extra exciting in our family this past week. Johnny and I have a nephew and niece who became grandparents Tuesday! Their daughter and son-in-law, the new parents, have decorated the baby's nursery a teal blue--perfect for Blue Monday. The black and white accent colors look so special, I think.

I like this idea of framing hearts on the opposite wall.

Here she is . . . only one day old . . . Gabriella Marie. Isn't she adorable?

I'm so happy that her parents took these pictures as they live down in South Florida. (You might remember that we moved from there to Tampa 2½ years ago.) With modern technology, we can "see" her!

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Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Monday - Florida Sunrise

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One morning this past week, Johnny happened to catch this gorgeous Florida sunrise. I'm sharing it today for my Blue Monday. (Although they look like mountains, the black silhouettes are actually houses in our neighborhood.)

Did you watch the Super Bowl? We did. We were invited to a Super Bowl party. Both teams use Blue for their color.

I am one lady who actually watches the game, but I also love to watch the commercials! What do you watch?

Happy Blue Monday!

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