Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Monday - Elephants Surround Us!

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***Today's pictures were taken last week, before Isaac began to show his ugly self. Don't worry about us, though; we might get wet, but we're hurricane proof!***

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Today is the beginning of the Republican National Convention (RNC). Here's the left side of the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the main action will take place. In the left lower corner you'll notice the VIP entrance. Of course, it's Blue!

Tampa lampposts are decorated in signs of red, white, and Blue

Close to the Forum, Channelside is a beautiful place to relax, shop, dine,
see a movie, or even bowl a game or two.
Of course, the welcome sign has a couple shades of Blue.

In addition to 50,000 visitors, a herd of fiberglass 4' x 4' elephants have come to Tampa. Elephants, the symbol of the RNC, were sponsored by businesses and decorated by local artists. The goal of the project is to beautify the Tampa Bay area and exhibit the creativity.

Some are displayed at Channelside, and Johnny and I went to find them.
We found plenty!

Most of them have a shade or two of Blue in their decoration.

Pirates are the theme of this pachyderm with at least two shades of Blue in evidence.

She is labeled "Best Dressed RNC, 2012."
She sure went heavy on that Blue eye shadow!

"Splitsville" is the name of the bowling alley.
They sponsored the elephant to the left of the giant bowling pin.
I took a close-up of it in the picture below.

A map of our state is on this Blue pastel beauty.

Blue is used to outline this intricate design.

We couldn't leave the Hooters elephant out.

This elephant, dressed in Blue, represents Lightning, Tampa's hockey team.
We tried to get a good shot, but it's placed up against a store window.
All we got was the reflection behind us, so I resorted to grabbing it from the internet.

The pictures below are copied from the internet. They are of the elephants placed at the airport and around town.

Look at those Blue eyes!

A flamenco dancer in Blue can be seen on her belly.

I have no idea which team is represented, but the teal color is a pretty shade of Blue.

Following are two patriotic red, white, and Blue elephants.

The story of Dagwood elephant can be found here.
Blue is used to outline his suit collar.

This elephant is covered in tile.
Some of the tiles are shades of Blue.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Blue Monday - Tampa's Giant Postcard

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I have plenty of Blue for you today!

It's exciting to live in the Tampa area because in just one week, the Republican National Convention will be held here, and more than 50,000 visitors are expected. This is the biggest party our area has ever hosted, and we are busy sprucing up to make sure we look our best!

For instance, a mural painted by Carl Cowden has been repainted. Remember the postcards people used to send while on vacation? They often said, "Wish you were here." In 2003, Cowden based his mural on a real postcard. Unfortunately, it had to be removed in order to repair the crumbly stucco on this historic building, home to Archives and Records. Cowden said murals often can weather a lot. "The murals don't fall apart," he said. "The walls fall apart."

The City of Tampa's public art program picked up the tab of $12,000. You can read about it here.

This is a picture taken during the repainting process.
Look closely and you can see three men painting.
I copied it from the link above.

Standing on a scissors lift, Mural Artist Carl Cowden III, 56, right, of Tampa, and his two son's Carl IV, 20, left, and Griffin, 19, center, repaint the City of Tampa postcard mural.

The mural merges Tampa images from past with the present. In the letters that spell "Tampa" you can see the Sulphur Springs water tower, the Gasparilla ship and accompanying flotilla, the old Tampa Bay Hotel now the University of Tampa...

... a streetcar in Ybor City, and a nature scene on the Hillsborough River.

This shot is a close-up of the lower left of the mural. I like the way the artist displayed his information.
How proud he must be of his two sons.

Here's the finished postcard mural!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Monday - Blue Dolphins

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It all began with Chicago's Cows on Parade in 1999. Johnny and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon the colorful exhibit while visiting that city. Since then, many cities have enjoyed outdoor fiberglass art exhibits. This summer, it's our area's turn.

A pod of fiberglass dolphins--fifty, in fact--decorate Clearwater Beach to celebrate Winter the Dolphin, star of the film, Dolphin Tale. Each dolphin is six foot tall and weighs eighty pounds, and each has been decorated by a local artist. After the exhibition is over, the dolphins will be auctioned off, and the money donated to charities.

Johnny and I took a ride over to snap some pictures for your enjoyment. As you can see, many of the dolphins are Blue.

The signs at the bottom give information about the artist and sponsor.

Here's a picture of the dolphins before decoration. For more on the story, click here.

Do you have a favorite?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Blue Monday - Little Boy Blue No More

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Our youngest grandson, Pierce, had a birthday this past week, and Johnny and I drove to his home in Gainesville to celebrate. The trip takes us about two hours. We love being close enough to spend time with our family for birthdays.

Here Pierce is outside in the front of his home in a Blue shirt, surrounded by Blue blooms. Johnny took the shot. You might notice me in the upper left corner, seated on the porch; I'm wearing my favorite color: Blue.

Pierce is no long Little Boy Blue as he's now fourteen years old. He's already 5 feet 10 inches.
I wonder if we should begin to call him Big Boy Blue?

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