Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue Monday - Giant Cupcake

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I dragged (ahem) took Johnny to Hobby Lobby this week. I was on the lookout for things of Blue. Of course, we spotted something right inside the store. Look what we found!

There was a large display of ceramic cupcakes. They had a cookie jar, but although Johnny took a picture (using his cell phone) it somehow disappeared before we got home. {sigh} Nevertheless, he did manage to get a shot of this giant cupcake. It's really a huge 24" platter. There's Blue everywhere on the design. The bottom is striped Blue and some of the "candies" decorating the icing are Blue.

No, I did not buy the platter nor the cookie jar. If it suits your taste, I'm sure there's at least one left waiting for your purchase. But please tell me, how would you use it?

Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Monday - Laugh and the World Laughs with You

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Whew! I had some computer trouble this week, and for a time, I was concerned that I'd be hard put to have Blue Monday. However, it turned out that it wasn't my computer or my fault, but rather it was my server. I called them. They fixed it, and here I am with my computer running fine!

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Blogger threw me a curve! I suppose that many of you are grumbling too with the changes that Blogger made. I have NO IDEA why this post was not open! Were you caught off guard as I was?

I must admit that I do not like change.

To get back on an even keel, I decided that today we all need to laugh.

What's better than a good laugh? I've hunted and found some cartoons today. Of course, each of them contain Blue. Enjoy!

Which one did you prefer?

Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue Monday - Razor & Marlins

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We are surrounded by Blue; it seems that everywhere I look, Blue can be found. Johnny, my husband, knows that I'm always searching for Blue things to share on Mondays, so he helped this week. His new razor is Blue! This picture is downloaded from the internet.
I took the following picture. I like the shade of Blue.

Please note that no company paid for this, and it is not meant to be a recommendation.


My husband's favorite baseball team, The Miami Marlins, have a new stadium with a $2.5 million sculpture created by artist Red Grooms. When a Marlin hits a home run, the 71-foot tall sculpture behind the center-field wall reacts. Yesterday was a first; the team scored two home runs in their new ball park! Each time, the sculpture came alive. Lights swirl and flash, Blue marlins dive and leap, seagulls fly, a sun illuminates, water splashes and flamingos under palm trees stand in the middle of it all. For more information, click here. If you're curious, a 35-second video shows the action.

Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Monday - Easter Cake & Flowers

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I hope you had a special Easter celebration! We did. After church, we had our son's family to dinner. One of our teenage granddaughters brought a girlfriend to dinner. (The friend's mom and dad live out of town, and she couldn't make it home for Easter.) I find dinner parties extra special when a guest is present.

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Jane sent some beautiful flowers along with a note wishing us a Happy Easter. Here they are sitting in the center of the table, covered with a Blue tablecloth.

This is the other side. I love the way the florist wrapped leaves around the inside of the container. (I don't know if you can see that or not.) The flowers are gorgeous and so is Jane's love. The picture shows some of the blooms a purple, but actually, they were kind of Blue.

You can see our china cabinet with several Blue and white items.

It's a tradition of mine to serve an Easter Egg cake for dessert. Note, please, that I do not make it myself! I order it from Publix bakery. It's really a yellow cake with fudge frosting baked into an egg shape. It helps us remember the message of Easter: He arose! Here's a picture of our Easter cake for this year. Notice, please, the Blue rose in the center of the cross and the Blue trim around the cake.

He is risen indeed!

It all began when I heard a story about a Sunday School teacher who asked the class to draw a cross. Most children quickly drew a stick-like object that closely resembled the letter "T," but one child got out all the pastel crayons and became quite intent while working on his drawing.

When he finished, his picture was a cross, covered with flowers. He explained, "I put flowers on my cross to make it beautiful because Jesus died so that I could go to Heaven. And that's beautiful!"

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue Monday - Easter & Debi

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I have two more Easter pretties to show you. They each have a bit of Blue. This dinner bell has a Blue ribbon and a Blue oval background. It is usually rung by Jenna, a granddaughter of ours. I don't know why, but ever since she was a little bit, she has loved to be the one to ring the bell when it's time for the family to sit around the table to eat.

This basket contains inedible items. There's a faux chocolate bunny and pastel ceramic eggs. Two of the eggs are Blue, the bow is Blue, and the basket is lined with Blue netting. You can see a picture of my daughter's family in the background to the right, which reminds me . . .

Today is her birthday! Here she, on the left, in a photo taken this past January. On the right is Brittany, her niece, our granddaughter. Of course, there's Blue on both of them.

Happy Birthday, Dear Debi

Happy Blue Monday!

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