Monday, July 30, 2012

Blue Monday - Olympics

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Did you watch the opening of the 2012 Olympics? It was held in London this past Saturday night and was a spectacular event! Of course, we watched it on TV, and we found a bunch of Blue to share with you today.

Blue sheeting is extended across the audience.
(AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

Even though the uniforms were not made in America,
they're still Navy Blue.

During a funny skit, the queen seems to jump from a helicopter.
Great Britain's flag as well as the background of the sky are Blue.
Photo Sun.

The Tower Bridge, already trimmed in Blue now displays the Olympic Rings--one of which is Blue.
Photo Examiner.

The crowd was bathed in Blue lights.
This is shortly after the lighting of the torch.
(AP Photo/Mark Baker)

The ceremony closed with an emotional Paul McCartney singing,
Hey Jude. What an excellent job he did!
Here he takes a bow with the background in our color: Blue.
Photo NY Daily News.

I must admit that this is the first time I've ever watched
an Olympic Opening. Now, I realize how much I've missed.
Did you see any of it?

Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blue Monday - Packages of Blue

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On a recent drive, Johnny and I spotted a pile of Blue packages stacked up in front of a store. Of course, we pulled the car over and began snap, snapping away! Can you guess what these Blue packages contain?

I'll give you another clue. Here's the store where they're sold. Notice it has plenty of Blue too.

A close-up of the Blue packages reveal that they are bags of salt for swimming pools!

Here's another shot of the store. Notice the ducky on the Blue roof.

I have no need to buy pool salt as I have no pool. How about you?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Blue Monday - Bluebird Houses

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There was an interesting story in the Tampa Bay Times this past Thursday. Louis Nipper has built 266 bluebird boxes and placed them along the 46-mile span of the Withlacoochee State Trail. Because of his efforts, bluebirds are now frequently seen in the area.

"They're beautiful," he said. "I love their vibrant blue color."
He sounds like a guy well suited for Blue Monday!

I got this picture of an Eastern Bluebird from here.

Here Mr. Nipper is seen checking for bluebird eggs in one of the houses he built.

He keeps track of the number of eggs. Here you see three beautiful Blue eggs.

[Photos by OCTAVIO JONES | Times]

For the full story, click Tampa Bay Times.

Happy Blue Monday!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Monday - Candy Bar

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You may remember that our granddaughter, Lauren, got married this June. I reported that her colors were purple and Blue.

Instead of the traditional wedding cake, they served cupcakes, half were purple and the other half were Blue. Some cupcakes had white icing with a candy heart placed on top; others had a Blue candy circle with the letter D inscribed. (That's the first letter of the couple's last name.)

Rather than a cupcake, the couple wanted to have a small cake to cut.
Here's a picture of it. Note that big, Blue "D" on top.

A new wedding custom is to offer guests candy, along with some wedding cake.
A large table (a candy bar) held Blue, purple and silver candy (gummy bears, taffy, twisters, kisses, etc).

Guests lined up and helped themselves.
Please note the Blue tablecloth.

What did you serve for dessert at your wedding?

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roses for Our Anniversary!

Precious Beverly at How Sweet the Sound hosts Pink Saturday

Please Pause at her Place to see Plenty of other Pretty Pink items that Precious Pink Participating People are Presently Presenting for your Perusing Pleasure.

They've Plotted, Planned, and Preformed to Perfection so you can take a Peek.


Today is our 54th wedding anniversary! Yes, on July 7, 1958, Johnny and I married. I had just turned 17, and Johnny had just turned 20. I'll save you the math. I'm 35 years old! Johnny is MUCH older!

People said it would never last! Oh, but it has lasted and lasted!

When I awoke this morning, he had this card and bunch of roses waiting for me.

It was too hard to get a quick shot of the card and roses together, but this is good enough to share.

I sure picked a winner, didn't I?

See you in two days for Blue Monday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Blue Monday - Happy 4th of July!

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A few weeks ago, at Hobby Lobby, the shelves were stuffed with decorations available for the 4th of July celebration. (They're much emptier now.)

Of course, there's plenty of beautiful American Blue.
I was looking for an Uncle Sam to put in an apothecary jar.
However, they were either too small or too wide, so they wouldn't fit right.

Once again, I did not purchase anything. I guess I'm pretty picky!

Here's a Blue and white striped tent set up to sell fireworks.

More Blue can be found inside the tent. The fireworks had not yet been set out for display.

Johnny went back on another day when the shelves were stocked. He took this shot.

4th of July, Independence Day Glitter Graphic

Do you purchase decorations or fireworks?

Happy Blue Monday!

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