Monday, December 27, 2010

Blue Monday - Flight Into Egypt

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I hope you had a super Christmas with family and friends as you celebrated the birth of Jesus. We sure did! In church, I heard this: "Santa gives you what you want; Jesus gives you what you need."

Appropriate for today's Blue Monday is this figurine of Joesph and Mary, with Jesus as they fled into Egypt. Note the Blue headgear on Mary as well as the Blue trim of her dress. In addition, Joseph is wearing Blue. I love the urgency of their expressions as they flee the cruel King Herod (Matthew 2:16-18).

Happy Blue Monday,
stay warm, and have a
Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Monday - Blue Nativities

Welcome to the place to show off your blues!

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I love to see the many ways blogland show their blues.

I began collecting nativities some years ago. The ones I'm sharing today all contain our celebrated color Blue! This is a music box that I bought after Christmas a couple of years ago. See the Blue blanket?

Here's my Blogger's Cookier Jar. I call it Blogger's Cookier Jar because it has a rooster on the roof! This is the only rooster in my home--that means that I am BARELY a blogger!

Several characters are dressed in Blue, and even the walls of the stable contain Blue!

My mother's favorite color was Blue, and she made this for me in 1972. She's been gone for quite some time, and therefore, this set becomes more precious each year. It has been broken and badly repaired several times (by me). I know that it's no longer perfect, but I cannot bear to throw it out. It was made and given with love.

Here's a whimsical teddy bear nativity scene with plenty of Blue. I've had it for several years.

I did not even know what a cloche was until I began blogging, but now I love to display things in mine. This nativity scene has Blue on Mary and Jesus.

You can get a better view with the cloche removed.

Happy Blue Monday
and I wish you
a Blessed Christmas!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue Monday - Blue Outdoor Nativity

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Here's a shot of the front of our house, decorated for Christmas. I took this last Tuesday, on a bright blue day. Our three Camellia bushes are blooming nicely. The post right below this one has some pictures, if you're interested.

I want to share our outdoor nativity with you. We bought it three years ago at Walmart. It has a blue background with white silhouettes.

This was taken the week before when the sky was not so beautifully blue. Our bushes are not so full of blooms here.

The streaks on the blue. nativity are from the afternoon sun.

Here you can see how it looks when it lights up at night.

Happy Blue Monday!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pink Saturday Camellia Blooms!

Precious Beverly at How Sweet the Sound hosts Pink Saturday.

Please Pause at her Place to see Plenty of other Pretty Pink items that Precious Pink Participating People are Presently Presenting for your Perusing Pleasure.

They've Plotted, Planned, and Preformed to Perfection so you can take a Peek.

Last November, the builder planted three bushes. I did not know what they were. I've since learned that they were pink camellias.

One camellia bush had a bloom, and I took this picture:

Our move-in date was December 17th. All the bushes are blooming. Now look at how happy Miss Camellia:

Here's a close-up:

See you in two days for Blue Monday!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Monday - Snow In Florida!

It's Blue Monday!

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We've been decorating for Christmas, and it's been especially enjoyable as last year, we didn't do much. You see, we moved into our new home last December 17th; there wasn't much time to decorate for Christmas!

The only snow I see where I live is decorative, in other words, fake snow. I have a collection of snowmen--or snowpeople, and of course, there's a bit of our celebrated color Blue on each one I'm showing today.

I bought the Freeze Family several years ago when my daughter-in-law had a House of Lloyds Christmas Around the World party. It's become one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Mrs. carries a small tree, Mr. holds a broom, and Jr. is dragging along his sled. Notice, please, the little guy is dressed in Blue.

Accumulating stuff is one advantage to aging. I've had this happy paper towel holder for several years. His stand is Blue as are his mittens and scarf.

There's even a Blue and white trim on his hat. No wonder he smiles!

Last year, I bought this happy guy just because he caught my fancy. Well, his price was right too! Note the Blue gift in his arms.

Happy Blue Monday!

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