Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teapots from England for Pink Saturday

Precious Beverly at How Sweet the Sound hosts Pink Saturday. Please Pause at her Place to see Plenty of other Pretty Pink items that Precious Pink Participating People are Presently Presenting for your Perusing Pleasure.

Today I have two teapots from England to show. Both have Pretty Pink flowers on them. Here's a shot of the front of both teapots.

And here is a shot of their backs. I love that they are decorated all around.

This was purchased when my mother went to England with three other friends a year or so after my father died. That trip was one of the highlights of her life, and this teapot was treasured by her. It has a good bit of gold trim on it.

The bottom markings are shown here. Mama enjoyed a cup of tea now and again, so she most likely used this a few times, but not often as it was "very dear." (That means expensive.)

Johnny and I went to England many years later, and even though I don't drink tea (other than iced tea) I had to keep the tradition going and buy a teapot. Teapots are quite costly, so I bought this little one.

Here's a picture of its markings. I've never used it other than for display, but I'm so happy to have it.

Sometimes we just feel good when we're surrounded by pretty things that have sweet memories attached.

See you for Blue Monday!


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Sweet teapots for Pink Saturday, Sally. Hope you enjoy your day.
♥, Susan

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Salyy,
I agree! Your teapots are lovely. Thanks for sharing them and Happy Pink Saturday!


Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Sally.

It makes me smile thinking of your teapots bringing you joy. They are both beautiful. I know your mother would love that you have both of them together.

Gee said...

Hi Sally.

The teapots are lovely and sure enough it means a lot to us when it has a sweet memory attached. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love your teapots. What great memories to take home from England.

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's nice Sally. First your Mom went their and bought her teapot. And then you did it too. :-) The one you bought looks so soft and dainty.


(no pink post for me today. Just visiting :-) )

My name is Riet said...

LOvely teapots Sally. I love teapots and I drink a lot of tea but as you say, some are too dear to use. LOL
Happy pink Saturday

Salmagundi said...

Pretty pink with nice memories attached! I laughed when you said that 'very dear' translates to very expensive. I can just hear an older generation saying that something was very dear, and you could read between the lines!! Sally

Sarah Bella's said...

Happy Pink Saturday. God bless you, Sarah

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely teapots!

~ Gabriela ~

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Beautiful post Sally. Just beautiful. I love tea pots too, and what a treasure to have one that meant so much to your Moma. I love things that Moma picks out and sends me. They are always sent from the heart. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit. Country Hugs, Sherry

Baba said...

Hi Sally, the teapots are so pretty..I know you must really treasure the one from your mom..great memories with certain items.. enjoy your week-end.
Hugs, Baba

Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

Both teapots are stunning!
Thank you for the lovely post!
Have a perfectly pink day!

Glennis said...

"Sometimes we just feel good when we're surrounded by pretty things that have sweet memories attached."

Perfectly said. Your two teapots are lovely! And what a great thing to bring back as a memory of a journey.

Have a wonderful weekend, Sal, and a great Pink Saturday!

Beatrice, Bea, Bibi--That's me! said...

I love the teapots! Thanks for sharing. Happy PS!

Unknown said...

Cute teapots, love the PINK!!! flowers on them. What a beautiful way to have a tea party. Geri

tammy said...

They are very cute!

bj said...

Yes, you are right...surrounding ourselves with pretties and memories is a treat in one's life, I think.
I love both teapots..both are just beautiful.
Have a good weekend..

jeanne said...

Hi Sally, I love tea pots and have a few that are treasures too. I drink iced or hot tea often. Hot tea more in the colder weather. You are right about treasures that belonged to our loved ones. They mean the most and makes us happy just to look at them in remembrance. Your tea pots are very pretty. I love all things from England.

Have a happy weekend.


Charlotte said...

Love the tea pots. Love the story behind them. I bought some plates in London. I was collecting plates at the time. Now I wish I had bought a teapot. I'm like you. I love iced tea but don't drink hot tea (almost never). But I love tea pots.
You were right about the beach towels. LOL
Happy Pink Saturday.

Cathy said...

Beautiful teapots, Sally!

Cindy said...

Very pretty tea pots. Have a good weekend.

Mary said...

Hi Sally!
Very pretty teapots. I collect as well. Just something so sweet and cozy about them.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Mary :)

Terry said...

Howdy Sally
Happy Pink Saturday to you.
What sweet memories .
I am so glad you shared these very lovely teapots today.
May the rest of your weekend be filled with many blessings.
Hugs from Texas
Happy Trails

♥Mimi♥ said...

Another rainy and cloudy and dark weekend. I fear that summer is not coming to northern Michigan this year...sigh.

With that in mind, Pink Saturday is a day that cheers me up and allows me to share a wider world than my gloomy portion.

♥Thank you so much for participating this week because it made my day just a little brighter♥

Connie said...

I'm still getting around to PS bloggers AND the "where bloggers create", sugar. Been a busy week. I tried the test on movement and saw very, very little. Does that mean I'm stress free?!!?? Hubs will question that though, ya know, chickee!!!

Claudia said...

Lovely teapots, Sally! Happy Pink Saturday!

Barbara H. said...

Those are so pretty, Love your last line -- so true.

I don't like hot tea, either -- only iced -- but I love the look of teapots and tea cups.

Blondie's Journal said...

This post had so much sentiment in it, Sally. I would love to have anything that my mother had loved, but...that's another story. You are a lucky gal in my book!

All of the tea pots are fabulous...I loved your first paragraph!! I dare you to say it fast, three times!! LOL!!!!

Happy PS and have a wonderul weekend, Sally!!


Unknown said...

They'd look great with a nice tight bunch of flowers in them, too. How great that they have survived all these years!

Susan B said...

Hi Sally,
Both of your teapots are beautiful. How lovely that you have one that was treasured by your mother. Thank you for sharing them.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I love teapots & yours are simply lovely!

Happy PS!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Regina said...

So pretty!
Have a great week ahead sally.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Sally! These teapots are beautiful, and it's nice that you carried on the tradition, like your mother! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! ~tina

Life on the Edge said...

Such pretty teapots, and I like that they each have a special memory behind them. I'm glad you carried on the tradition!

I especially like the one that you picked out.


Shirl said...

Hello Sally, I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. How pretty these little teapots are. I have a teapot from England on my PS post too this week. I agree with you, I love to have pretty things around that bring lovely memories to mind!
See you Monday,
Shirls Rose Cottage

Neabear said...

I love your teapots! I especially love the one you bought there. So pretty!

dana said...

Happy Belated Pink Sat!! I love teapots, too, and also, like you, don't drink hot tea often. There is just so much charm in those little pots. I know you treasure both of yours--with so many memories for each one.
Love your flowers for Blue Mon., too!
L, Dana

Coloradolady said...

Sally, I have tried twice to visit the Participants today, and I guess Mr. Linky has gone MIA. I know you have nothing to do with it, I will check back again later, but bummer....Mr. Linky is so annoying at times. Happy Blue Monday. I simply love your tea pots.