Monday, October 12, 2009

Blue Monday - Unique Blue Things

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What's that bit of blue peeking over the top of the wall?

In my never-ending quest to find blue things to show you, I've found something unique. A bunch of blue portable sanitation units--(ahem!) porta potties. We were driving down the highway, and I spotted this place. It's where blue outdoor toilets rest between jobs.

They were lined up ten deep for about 500 feet!

Notice the one on the right is sporting some white graffiti.

There's always an oddball hanging around!

An open invitation.

I'll bet you have never seen so many portable sanitation units of any color!

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ellen b said...

Now that is very funny Sally! Leave it to you to post the great commentary to go with those little blue units!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sally, where on earth??? LOL! I loved your commentary. Perfection, Lady, Perfection!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

pam said...

What a fun post! Now there's a job I can't imagine.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

LOL! Oh hope you were able to sneek in and out without people taking pictures of you taking pictures of the porta potties!

OMG, I just started cracking up to myself at the thought of hidding behind you taking pictures of you taking pictures of those porta potties and posting it as MY blue monday! LOL

{oc cottage} said...

You are so right! I don't think I have ever seen half that many! ;)

m ^..^

Fifi Flowers said...

Hmmmmm... Glad those are around... but I hate to use them!

Mary said...

Now that's a lot potties! :O)

Unknown said...

You're right! I've definitely never seen that many port a potties in one place before!

abnsigoslady said...

Hysterical! PIMP funny!

laura @ the manion

Unknown said...

love your blues:)) Have a nice week!!!

Anne Fannie said...

Sally, only YOU would not only notice all the blue potties along the side of the road but actually take a picture and post it for Blue Monday! You go girl! I love it!
Hugs, Ann

AnnA said...

Hi Sally!
Now I realize why you are smiling Sally... Funny post you are showing.
Well, I don't know if you have visiting a jinghijamboree(scoutingevent and a camp), but on these world wide ones, with many guests, there are alot of "potties"...
Happy Blue Monday to you, and have a nice week!/

Cindy said...

OH Sally! This was too cool. I love the Open Invitation!

Andrea said...

An open invitation to a sea of could anyone resist? hahaha!

CJ said...

Ha ha! How on earth did you find these? They look kinda cute.

jeanne said...

Hi my friend, you did make me laugh big time this morning. Love that blue, especially when you find yourself with no other choice. Otherwise I hate them!!! ugh!

Have a wonderful day. I posted more pictures of our new puppy. And I revealed her name. Oh joy.

Hugs. Jeanne

cindy@cottageinstincts said...

Whoa! Now *this* is a true blue Monday post! Hilarious :o) Today is my first time participating....
Thanks for hosting!

Becky K. said...

Very funny! They are blue and they are invaluable in certain situations...

Have a very lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Morning, Most Smiling One! Oh, there's nothing like blue pot tays! :) I hope you were holding your tiny nose.
I'm blueing with you today.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

storyteller said...

Now that's a LOT of porta-potties! I've SEEN as many in various spots here in Southern California but never thought to snap photos of them. They DO make for a unique Blue Monday post ;--)
Mine's up at Sacred Ruminations ... blue views of Lake Arrowhead ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

xinex said...

Oh my! Is that the storage for them? I can't imagine anyone needing so many. When they were building our pool, we had one of those parked on our driveway. I couldn't go near it...Christine

sara said...

I think that I have seen what seemed like that many only one the olympics in Atlanta!

Historical sites with charmine said...

Sally ,what a funny post!HAHAHA! Useful on the highway though!

Darlene said...

I'm always glad they are at events but I sure hate to go in them!!!

squawmama said...

Good Morning Sally... This was a great post... So darn funny and BLUE! Have a great day my friend...


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

So, my guess is you like blue? This is my first time to your! I've linked up and added your button. Now off to see other people's blue...
Thanks! Janell

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

p.s. love the quote on your sidebar..."I love my computer because my friends live in it!"

Mary Bergfeld said...

You are the hands down winner of the most unique Blue Monday post of the week. I'm still smiling. I hope your week is off to a good start. Have a great day.

Jennsmere said...

Love it, Sally!!! I'm still chuckling over these pictures! Who knew that blue toilets could be displayed in such an artful manner!!!

Be blessed,

LV said...

Happy to see you watching for blues as well. I started to make a picture of one of these toilets to share. Of course, there were not this many. That's a lot of porta potties.

Funky Junk Interiors said...


Blue Monday indeed!

Came over from Cottage Instincts and I'm glad I did. Starting my Monday the blue way never felt so good. LOL


RobinfromCA said...

Oh, my! It looks like they're getting ready for the county fair!!

I posted my Blue Monday post last night and - duh - forgot to link in. Seriously, my brain takes little mini vacations and doesn't tell me!


Patti VZ said...

Well, Sally, the week can only get better with starting off with blue stinking potties! :) LOL!!

claudie said...

Excuse me Sally, but I need to go use the potty right now!!!!!!!! LOL
Happy Blue Monday
Love Claudie

Shy said...

I saw the blue peeking at the sky and this post is funny, who would have thought that this portable bathroom is a good post for Blue Monday. Good job Sally nice shots.

Btw, I have an award for you in my BM post.

Musings of A Minister said...

Now that's funny. And blue of course.

Maria's Space said...

That is a great idea for blue Monday. Love it.

Patricia said...

Hi Sally! I followed the link from Jean Stockdale's blog to your Blue Monday photo challenge and thought it would be fun to participate today.

We have a neighbor who sometimes puts port-a-potties in his yard when he has a party! Fortunately, we live on enough acreage that they are a comfortable distance from our house, but....

Nice to meet you!


Unknown said...

Your post put a smile on my face! I hate the thought of using those things, but sometimes you do what you gotta do! Right???

Hope u had a great day!
:) Diane

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Sally, Your Blue Monday post today is GREAT. Isn't it amazing how many 'blue' things are out there --and usually go unnoticed?????


Susan B said...

LOL! Very unique Blue Monday...loved the pictures!

Blondie's Journal said...

You are really setting some high standards for Blue Monday, Sally!! What next? Doggie Pooper Scoopers?? What does Johhny say when you want to stop to take pictures of,, johns??


April said...

That's a great idea. have a happy day. ;D

Stories from a Teenage Mom
Mom on the Run
Chronicles of a Hermit

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Never thought someone could make a porta-potty look artistic....

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Sorry, I couldn't get the link to work, so here is my Blue Monday:

Barbara H. said...

That is probably the most unique blue thing ever featured, LOL!

Lucky said...

Whoah!! Thats's a lot of porta-potties!!