Monday, October 4, 2010

Blue Monday - Blue Store

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Notice the lovely blue tile on the exterior of this special store. The sign on this blue store says, "It's Great to be a Florida Gator." The reflection makes it difficult for us to window shop, so let's go inside.

Inside, you will be able to purchase as many blue shirts as you'd like.

There are blue shirts all over the place with many different sayings on them!

Need a blue Gator shirt? They're right here! I know that Jeanne's husband at Backyard Neighbor would like to shop here.

Even the local restaurants show their blue Gator pride. See the framed art work hanging on the back wall? You know you're in Gainesville, Florida!

Happy Blue Monday!

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Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Sally,, these are some awesome pics with lots of BLUE in them..
You always seem to have great pics to share.. Thanks
Blessings and Hugs Dena

Marice said...

nice i love it! :) wanna have that blue shirt with hello kitty print! :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

The blue hello kitty looks nice and buy that big gator over there good for halloween decoration hehehe

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Lots of blue down south! Blue sky, blue water and blue shirts...doesn't get better than that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! Thanks for taking me on a virtual tour of this very blue shop! It sure does look like a fun place to look around.

Thanks for having me today.

Best wishes for a lovely week,

Fifi Flowers said...

I just bought my teen a blue shirt today! Happy Blue Monday!

{oc cottage} said...

I'll take that blue Hello Kitty shirt!! Happy Blue Monday!!!

m ^..^

LV said...

I used to be big on sports, especially, football. My team has not been doing very well. They wear blue all the time, but just cannot get their act together. I enjoy visiting the sports stores regardless. They have some neat things.

maria said...

What cute shirts!

Happy Blue Monday Sally.

My Blue Monday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally, and thanks for hosting.
There sure are a lot of blue shirts available!

Eden said...

Love that blue Hello Kitty shirt. Great shots.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally. You have an eye for blue :-). I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Joyful said...

Lots of blue in that store! Happy Blue Monday to you.

Janet Marie said...

Good morning, Sally. Your post brings back memories. I used to live in Seminole country...but I had not loyalty either way. Shhhh. :)

Happy Blue Monday, to you! Have a wonderful week.

Sar@h said...

Often, I have blue clothes … not only on Monday !

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Sally! Lovin the Florida Gator Blues! :) Happy Monday!

Joanne Olivieri said...

Great color contrasts with the blue and orange. Love the Hello Kitty blue :D

anne said...

Thats hello kitty in blue, I love hello kitty but don't have one when I was a kid.

niko said...

that's one nice store!!! maybe the owner loves the color blue like you sally :)

happy blue monday! my entry is up now!

maritz said...

Mine is up.. Happy Blue Monday to all!

☺lani☺ said...

Lots of blue, love them! Happy Blue Monda!

Barbara Jean said...

Those are some of the brightest blue shirts I have ever seen!!

Thanks for hosting.
Just a bit of Patina Blue was all I had this week, but I like to play here.

barbara jean

Kero said...

i really want one of those pretty Hello Kitty Blue shirt =)

entry is here

Unknown said...

is this called "blue shop" :)
nice statement tees. happy monday.

Unknown said...

oh Blue hello it...and lots of blue in here. ha ha.

Happy BM Sally

genny said...

hi, very nice hello kitty stuffs.
i am posting my 2nd blue monday meme. happy to be here again. sorry i entered wrongly my other, i do not know how to delete it. its, the Sanctuary of my Emotions. sorry again!


Maharlikah said...

Blue is always beautiful!

Here's my blue entry

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I'm always fascinated by ceramic tiles with their many images and wonderful colors. These blue tiles are beautiful and the store is a fun-filled place to shop for fitness products!
Happy Blue Monday!

Beverly said...

Happy Blue Monday, dear Sally.

I think the Gators just might be singing some blues after this last weekend. But, no fear. Gator love never fails.

Donnie said...

Your Blue Monday's have really helped me see all the lovely blue in my world. Love your take on it. Have a great day.

Lesa said...

I'd buy that cute Hello kitty shirt--- What a bounty of Blues!

xinex said...

I would love to shop in that store,. My son is a Gator, Go Gators!....Christine

jlshall said...

Very pretty blues! I'm a University of Texas grad and always wished the Longhorns had some better colors than orange and white. Blue would be perfect - I look much better in blue than I do in orange!

Have a great Monday!
~ Joy @ Joysweb

Anonymous said...

Seems like a team named Gators would have green as their color. But I like the blues.

Chrissie said...

Hi, thanks for hosting the party today, this is my first time to participate

bj said...

Happiest Blue Monday..
xo bj

Salmagundi said...

A blue Hello Kitty/Gator shirt. That's really showing your 'blue'! Sally

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love those blue shirts,
I used to wear one...

Grandmother Wren said...

Fun shop and I love the tiles!

Denise Marie said...

great photos, Sally! Got my book and it will be so nice on my nite stand waiting for the right time to dive in. Thanks so much.

Neabear said...

A fun BLUE store! I visited an aquarium with lots of BLUE. My post is about that visit.


Nanette said...

Hi Sally,
That is a very blue store! The Hello Kitty/hello Gators shirt is really cute. Happy Blue Monday!

Dhemz said...

that is kinda a cool..."floridagator"!

wow, lots of blues right there...I don't mind you getting the blue hello kitty shirt for!

my home sanctuary said...

Oh what a fun post. You are so creative. I enjoyed visiting. Come by and see mine. It is a little different today too. BTW I loved that tile.
Have a Happy Blue Day!

joyh82 said...

My daughter loves Hello Kitty!
Have a Happy Blue Monday Sally!

Marigene said...

Guess we know where to go when a blue tee-shirt is needed!
Thank for hosting, Sally...

peggy gatto said...

I am taking you on a house tour!!!

Auntie E said...

Now that's some blue shopping.
My Blue Monday link for you

Karen Chayne said...

Wow! I like to buy those cool blue t shirts! im sure my hubby will love it!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Now that's a lot of blue shirts! :-)
Thanks for another week of Blue Monday.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sally, I was out all morning and I am going to the auction with my sister in just five minutes. I hope I can comment in five minutes. HA! You know me. Smile.

You are so cute to mention my blog and the Gator family of mine would ALL be shopping in that store. Especially BILL! I can't count how many Gator shirts he has. sigh! We are going to the Gator game this weekend. GO GATORS! A great blue post today. Bill is loving it!
Love you, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

The post above was done in 4 minutes!!! An all time record for me.

Jeanne Again.

Icy BC said...

That looks like a wonderful store, and oh so many blue shirts!

Sue said...

I love the color of that blue tile. I needed a green Monday for my post today, but still wanted to stop and say hello!

Junneth said...

I love those blue with hello kitty print! Awesome shopping galore! Mine is posted 75, My blue helmet for our blue motorcycle! Have a happy blue day Sally dear!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

So much blue !
Leave it to you to find it all ,your so creative!

JayLeigh said...

I sure like the Hello Kitty t-shirt! :D

Anonymous said...

I have seen these tiles used before in various ways and I think they are absolutely beautiful. I love how the people in high schools, college, and state teams get so involved in their sports. Go Gators!!!

Maria said...

I am late, but here is my Blue Monday - the blue smurfs - at my daughters 13-year-dinner.

Maria said...

and here is the URL:

:) have a nice day // Maria from Sweden

Irene said...

Lovely Blues ... I hope you have a delightful week!

Susie Q said...

So much BLUE! :)A great idea for Blue Monday Sally!
From the land of scaret and gray, happy blue Monday!

Livsnjutaren said...

I don´t know how to link my picture.I put it here

Please tell me how to do it right next time.

Michelle said...

My son would LOVE this store.
We really need to stop in Gainsville sometime.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

got one for you.
Happy Blue Monday.

Musings of A Minister said...

Beautiful blue as always. Charlotte and I take bottled water to the gym when we go to work out. We also take it sometimes to fast food restaurants to save on expensive beverages. The Gators are too far from me for me to be a real fan but I have always respected them and I love blue. Go Gators!

Anonymous said...

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