Monday, November 8, 2010

Blue Monday - Pilgrim Figurines

Hello! It's Blue Monday where we celebrate all things blue!

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I bought these Thanksgiving pilgrim figurines several years ago, and I love bringing them out to display during November. This year, I've placed them on the entry table, just inside my front door.

The first thing I noticed (and loved) about them was the blue color.

I love the details. The lady is carrying a basket of fruit, and she has vegetables at her feet. The gentleman has a turkey in front of his feet.

Their hands are folded in prayer to remind us to be thankful.

Happy Blue Monday!

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Cindy said...

I absolutely adore those blue pilgrims. If I ever see them for sale I would sure like to get them! Have a wonderful Blue Monday and thanks so much for hosting!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those are very nice figurines Sally!

☺lani☺ said...

They're so cute! Happy Blue Monday!

Unknown said...

finally, i've linked up my post.

i love figurines, and these ones perfect for your holiday thanksgiving, reminds us to be thankful for the bountiful blessings we do receive each day.

very classic american vintage.

Dhemz said...

that is too cute Sally! Have a bountiful thanksgiving ahead!

xinex said...

Your figurines are very pretty, Sally.....Christine

Unknown said...

oh pretty blue figurines. i love it Sally.

Happy BM.

Elaine said...

Sally, Your Pilgrim figurines are so lovely. I could see myself buying some just like these if I could find them! The detailing makes them so pretty but I think my favorite part is that their hands are folded in thanksgiving. How precious, and what a wonderful reminder every time you walk in your front door. :)

Junneth said...

Sally dear this figurines are really lovely. Have a Blue day!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Those are lovely figurines Ms. Sally. Thanks for sharing

NatureFootstep said...

yes, the blue color is very pleasing on those figurines. :)

Loui♥ said...

Love the Pilgrim Figurines..
perfect for this time of year!
have a beautiful Blue Monday..
sorry you got the chill and I got the warmth!
wrm sandy hugs..

Sar@h said...

Lovely …

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Girlfriend!!! Hope this finds you HAPPY and not feeling BLUE ;0)
Great figurines Sweetie..
Blessings & Hugs Dena

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the hands showing they are grateful.

My pics are from my weekend at a wonderful place I visited for some rehab.

Happy Blue Monday to you and all others!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sally, I love the fact, not only that they are blue, but that they are praying and giving thanks. I'm sure the early pilgrims would approve of this rendition of themselves. After all, we are to give thanks for His bountiful goodness and mercies without end. God is good!

Happy Blue Monday (I plan to hop back on the train soon. Company coming day after tomorrow, and I'm getting ready!)...


Sheila :-)

bj said...

Hi, Sally, I've not played in Blue Monday for awhile and have missed it...and you. :)

I adore your blue pilgrims..just the right color.
hugs, bj

Auntie E said...

Lovely thanksgiving figurines. They will look nice on the table.

Benikos place said...

Best regards from Samos :)

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Sally, Your pilgrim figurines are really cute. Love the blue-gray color.


Donnie said...

Morning sweetie. They sure would bring a smile to your face as soon as you came in the front door. Very nice.

genny said...

here for another blue monday entry...cheers!

Gypsy Lala said...

Pretty blue! I love the face of the lady.

Eden said...

So cute. Love it.

Happy Blue Monday.

Becky K. said...

You have reminded me that I would like to get out some vintage figurines that I inherited from Warren's grandmother. They are tucked away and I rarely remember them in time for Fall decor.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Jeanne said...

Good morning my dear blogging friend. I am late with my post but I am up. I love your sweet pilgrims in blue. Thanksgiving is almost here and then Christmas. I rally love this season.

Happy Blue Monday,
Love, Jeanne

Momgen said...

Cute....Happy blue Monday.

Mine is here

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Lovely figurines! The plight of the pilgrims always brings me back to the days in grade school when we decorated our rooms with paper cutouts for Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for much, including those wonderful memories! Thank you for the reminder!

♥ Kathy said...

I think your pilgrims are so pretty Sally! Happy Blue Monday!

Mel_Cole said...

Oh they are so pretty. Advanced Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sally.

Nanna said...

happy Blue Monday sally! love the figurines! I finally got pic's of my mason jars lol

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Beautiful pilgrims. I am posting my giveaway today! 100 seems small to some but for me it is a big deal.

La said...

Oh Sally! I love these pilgrims. Thank you for sharing! La

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

got a happy blue in,
love the blue choice you have here.
way to go.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I still need to get my fall decorations out.

EnAirRaH said...

Lovely figurines, what a coincidence my post matched with today's post here :)

Rimkogeren said...

Thanks for your comment:-) Hapyy Blue Monday and week. I'm waiting for next monday.

Nanette said...

Very sweet blue pilgrims!

maria said...

Pretty pair of figurines.

My Blue Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! This year has certainly flown by. Christmas decorations are popping up around in my area. I will wait until after Thanksgiving.

Lovely figurines for your entry. And a very pretty blue.

Have a happy day... Karen

Dimple said...

Nice figurines! Interesting that they have so much blue since Thanksgiving seems usually to be brown, gold, orange, and black.
Thanks for hosting this meme!

Maria's Space said...

My mother in law would freak over those. She loves the blue and white figurines.

joyh82 said...

Those are so pretty and perfect for Blue Monday! Have a great week Sally.

April said...

They'd be the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table. Yes...we should ALL remember to count our blessings,not only at this time of year, but every day of the week!

Diann said...

Oh Sally! these are wonderful! I love the height and detail of them!!

Cathy said...

I love those, Sally. They look very pretty in your new house.

Elaine said...

I think those statues are so pretty

Beverly said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally. Better late than never.

These are gorgeous. I love Thanksgiving.

Beverly said...

Oops! I was going to add my link, but it won't let me.

Anonymous said...

These are adorable! I can see why you like them so much. I hope you are having a lovely week. I'm just a little late but Happy Blue Monday!

Erica (Irene) said...

Those pilgrims are so beautiful. I've never seen any in blue before.
Thanks for sharing your photo.:-)

anne said...

Those blue pilgrims are both so adorable. I can't wait to buy some of those in the mall, when I and my husband would settle in one house, I hope so.

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Oh, your BLUE pilgrims are wonderful! I've never seen any like them, but I guarantee they won't stay long on the store shelf if I do! Just beautiful!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

awards for you. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

Sweepy said...

Woof! They could be married! Can I play with them?

Gypsea Nurse said...

Love your Blues.. and just posted my first BLUE MONDAY! I just hope I got the linky right!

Jeannie B. said...

Beautiful Thanksgiving Pilgrams! This is my first Blue Monday. I love the color blue, too!!

Kits Chow said...

Hi Sally:

Hope this time it works with the link. I linked twice. I saw it up with the others and then it disappeared. I followed the instructions each time. I don't know if it is my computer or what. My post is now #46.

Also, I cannot leave comments on some blogs. I type a comment and click on the comment as Google account but when I try to Post Comment, nothing happens.

Any suggestions from you or other bloggers about how to fix the problem?