Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue Monday - Blue Angels

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I've seen the amazing aerobatic maneuvers of the Blue Angels flying in their Diamond Formation. They fly so close to each other that it's frightening. You can check out their link here.

The mission of the Blue Angels is to enhance Navy recruiting, and credibly represent Navy and Marine Corps aviation to the United States and its Armed Forces to America and other countries as international ambassadors of good will.

Look at this amazing formation!

The Blue Angels are scheduled to appear close to me in Lakeland, Florida April 2-3.

Have you ever had the opportunity to see them?

Happy Blue Monday!

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Marice said...

great shots Sally! Pretty amazing and i love their colors!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow those are gorgeous formations!

Diann said...

they are amazing. I have seen them a couple of times and am always impressed!

Clavel said...

Hi there Aunt Sally, my entry for today is my favorite blue bath towel! LOL!. BTW that was really an amazing aerobatic formation out there. i will check later on that link you mention.

LV said...

I do enjoy watching them even though they scare me with some of their moves. This is what my little fellow, Layton, says he is going to be.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sally, I am going to bed as soon as I leave this comment. I was going to wait til morning but I hate doing that.

Yes, i have seen the Blue Angels. They are awesome. It is scary the way they fly so close together. Your photos say it all. I wish I could see them again. Are you going when they come your way? Lucky you.
Happy Blue Monday. I especially enjoyed this blue today.
Hugs, Jeanne

Gypsea Nurse said...

Happy Blue Sally~ Love your photos!!! The Freedom in the air!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

Those are AMAZING!!!

Dena E's Blog said...

OMGOSH Sis,, how exciting.. BOY oh BOY do I have photos fo them.. One year we were blessed with front row seats at the air field in Omaha NE because our neighbors son was one of the pilots..!!!!
It was ans still is a WOW moment for me.. My 2 oldest kids were ages 4 and 6 ,... Just told Super~Hubb's the other day that I would soooo LOVE to see them again...Of course it woldn't be front row again, but thats alright with us...
Ok sorry for the long story there Sweetie... I do hope you'll go to see them ... WOW!!!
Hugs Dena

Vinni said...

These are wonderful shots of the Blue Angels, the 2nd shot looks like a claw.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots!!
Have a beautiful Blue Monday!

liberal sprinkles said...

Hi Sally, I love to see such formations, unfortunately I only get to see them on TV. Lucky you! Have a great week ahead!

genny said...

nice capture Sally. and the sky is soooooooo lovely. mine is up! happy BM!:-)

Marie said...

Amazing and talanted. Lovely shots.

xinex said...

I have seen them in action in Pensacola and they are a joy to watch....Christine

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Sally, my husband and I were staying at a very tall hotel downtown San Francisco once and they flew by, it was fantastic!!Happy Blue Monday...

Lina Gustina said...

They are great pilots indeed. I hope I can watch their action one day :)
Have a great week ahead, Sally...

Unknown said...

wow! Those pilots are fantastic. I so love to watch air show Sally. Perfect shots Sally.

Happy BM.

Andy said...

I haven't seen an air show in years. Your photos have reminded me that I should do some catching up.

Fashion Momma said...

That would be fun to watch. :) Happy Blue Monday Sally!

My Blue Monday.

Shengkay said...

thanks for hosting this sally!
My Entry
Shengkay’s Journal
Shengkay Random Nest

Shengkay said...

thanks for hosting this sally!
My Entry
Shengkay’s Journal
Shengkay Random Nest

NatureFootstep said...

it is truly amazing that tehy can perform this. I have not seen anything like this cince I was a child.

B i r g i t t a said...

Amazing capture Sally!!!

Becky K. said...

The precision is amazing. Frightening too but amazing!

bj said...

I saw the Blue Angels a long time ago and they just took my breath away.
Thanks so much for hosting, Sally.
I do hope all is well in your world.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Fantastic shots of the Blue Angels, Sally!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The Blue Angels are amazing and a U.S. monument and tribute to our country! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Blue Monday!

Leslie said...

I've never seen them in person but have heard about them.. awesome.

Beverly said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally.

My father took me to see the Blue Angels and/or the Thunderbirds when I was a child. They also perform near here fairly often. It is a thrilling performance.

Are you going?

CailinMarie said...

wow! I love an airshow! I have only seen the Blue Angels once, I'm an AF Brat so I've been able to see the Thunderbirds a few times. The precision at which those pilots fly is incredible.

Eden said...

That is so fun to watch. Great photos.

Happy Blue Monday!

Shobha said...

Excellent clicks and apt for the theme . ...loved them.
I am participating for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Stunning wild blue yonder pictures Sally, and equally stunning that you could get those shots!

Erica (Irene) said...

I've seen them before....they are great and fun to watch. Thanks for sharing and have a very Happy Blue Monday!

Dorincard said...

Cool blue air superiority...:)

J.Rylie.C said...

Thank you for visiting my blue Ms. Sally!

Donnie said...

We have seen them perform and they are spectacular. Great photos.

La said...

I've never had the opportunity to see these remarkable pilots, but I'll bet it is amazing.

Meredith said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! Love the blue sky too!!!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

"Here here" for the Blue Angels - and our Armed Forces!

Anonymous said...

I love the Blue Angels! When we lived in Florida we used to see their show quite often, but here in MN it's a bid harder... your pics are amazing! thanks for sharing and happy Monday! :)

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Wonderful post. I have so many friends who has seen them and said it is a site to behold. Thanks for sharing this with us today. ~~Sherry~~

Theresa Plas said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally. I haven't seen the Blue Angels live, but can imagine it's an awesome experience.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Yes, I have seen them at the Sea and Air show in Fort Lauderdale. Amazing!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love the shots..
well done.

NatureFootstep said...

I wonder how you ended up in my Travel blog. That was not the one I added. :( Unless the system used the wrong link without me seeing it. :(

Unknown said...

wow, what a spectacular air show!

Ann said...

Yes, we've been able to go to a coupld of shows. They really are amazing!!! Are you going in April?
Love the last picture.

Unknown said...

What great shots! I've been blessed to see them in person and really enjoyed them. My grandchildren would love them as well! :) Are you heading for the Ultimate Blog Party 2011? They'd love blue as well ;) If so, let me know so I can visit special for that as well. Have a blessed Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen them "in real life" -- would love to some day.

hahai.ponce said...

Great shots!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my post...just joined in.

January Zelene said...

Amazing indeed! You captured it perfectly.

Here's my blue entry
Earth Hour

Lesa said...

Oooh, The Blue Angels have a great show. I remember seeing them as a little girl and I saw them again about 4 years ago! It is a very exhilarating show!

Great shots!

My Blue Monday is on my book blog this week-- Baja Greenawalt's Cozy Book Nook.

Maharlikah said...

Hi Sally, I'm sorry I have two Belle's there, the first one is an old post...I mistakenly clicked on the button with the wrong link.

Here's mine Here...

Dhemz said...

awwwwww...awesome! we missed watching them last year...we are looking forward to see them this year here in San always a fan of airshow.

have a good one Sally!

Mel_Cole said...

Wow, good for you sally you can see them fly. Me, I really really want to see them someday. :) My Blue Monday

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Have a great week!

Life Moto said...

hope to see that performance .

Life Moto - Happy Monday!

joyh82 said...

They are amazing! Happy Blue Monday!

April said...

If we ever sell our house and get moved to the Gulf Coast, I want to take a trip over to Pensacola and see the Blue Angels. Have a wonderful day, Sally!

Sara Chapman said...

Gotta love those Angels. That photo of the contrails looks like a paw with claws at first glance! (Which reminds me of a joke: the difference between a sentence and a cat is that one has claws at the end of its paws and one has a pause at the end of its clause!)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

These guys always flew over my home on Ono Island, it was alot of fun hearing them come by. Thanks so much for hosting.


Maude Lynn said...

That second shot is really a beauty!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

What an amazing shot Mis. sally

Sweepy said...

That must be super thrilling to watch. I, however, am too drooly scared of noise. I prefer other angels and other blue.

Happy Smiling Blue, Sally!

annies home said...

the precision they have is beautiful

Jerla Oh lalala said...

wow! air show is really cool. i would love to watch it someday. My kids and husband longed to watch it too. we have it here in sandiego sometime but we always missed it because my husband works weekend and the show is always on the weekend. bummer...

Baba said...

Wow.. I love air shows and loud and fast jets..I am sharing my granddaughter's Prom pictures with her in a navy blue gown..enjoy this cool day... Baba

Janet Marie said...

I think watching them fly would be exciting and make my stomach do flips of nervousness at the same time.

Happy Blue Monday, Sally. :)

Kai Rui said...

hi ms.Sally, im done with my first entry...

that was so amazing, i hope to see that one someday...


Joyful said...

Wow! Great shots. I love air show acrobatics.

Rebecca said...

I love airshows-they're amazing!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sally, that last shot is totally awesome. I adore the Blue Angels. Aren't they the best?!


Sheila :-)

artis1111 said...

MEMORIES!!!! I saw them when I was little!!Kathy

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

No, but I've always wanted to see 'em. They amaze me. I do hope you get to see them.

God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

Susie Q said...

Oh my yes! I have lived with them! Okay, so some of them stayed with ME but I digress. I think you know my husband was a Naval aviator for 27 years...several of his friends were Blues...: )
We have been to more air shows than i can count but it is always a thrill to see them. When we were stationed in Pensaola we lived on base. They practiced every morning while at home. (P'cola is their home base) The neighnorhood joked that we had to open the front and back doors to allow them through each AM! It was LOUD! But I loved it!