Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Monday - Blue Orchids

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I had a super Mother's day, and I hope that you did too. After church, Johnny and I went over to our son's house. His oldest daughter and her boyfriend fixed us all dinner, and boy, was it good! I spoke on the phone with Debi and Jane and received several neat gifts. I am so blessed.

Do members of your family get into the Blue Monday? fun by looking for items of our special color?

My son spotted these gorgeous Blue Orchids for sale at the Home Depot. Being the well-trained person that he is, he took this shot for our Blue Monday day.

Notice the price! Normal orchids sell for half as much--around $15.
However, I must say, I think they're worth the money.
What do you think?

Happy Blue Monday!

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Clavel said...

happy blue monday Aunt Sally.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

They are very lovely indeed!
I am not sure I would pay that but they are unique!
Happy Blue Monday too!

Leovi said...

Beautiful flower with a nice blue color. Very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Pretty flower Sally! I am so happy to get to join in your Blue Monday party!! I finally got my guestroom done and it's blue!!!

bee blessed

Susan Freeman said...

Beautiful, but pricey! Now if I could only get my hubby to take some great shots like that when he is out and about! Happy Blue Monday and thanks for hosting!!

Susan and Bentley
xxoo said...

Wow that is a vibrant blue. I have never seen a blue orchid, guess thats why they are so pricey.

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Happy Blue Monday! Gorgeous flowers!

Lina Gustina said...

Those orchids are unique and gorgeous! Perhaps I'll buy it, but just one...

LV said...

I think orchid is truly a delicate and lovely flower. I do not recall seeing any in this bright blue.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Happy Blue Monday, i like the blue flowers!Blue Monday

Judi said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally *hugs*
I hope you had a very lovely Mother's Day..

Those orchids are beautiful and I have actually never seen any that colour. They are so full and gorgeous. I think that price is fair because around here they are more than $15. to start with. In any case they look worth it.

have a wonderful day

Jeanne said...

Good morning Sally, The blue orchids are stunning. I have had orchids and had bad luck with them. And, that was when I lived in Florida. There is a lot to know about raising or taking care of orchids. I would admire them but would not own them. Your son is a sweetie. The photo is very nice.

Wishing you happy days.
Love, Jeanne

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi Sally, Lovely orchids...I was admiring them in our nursery a few weeks ago!

Donnie said...

I think your son taking the picture was "priceless" you had a wonderful day. Take care, Donnie

Posted under DJ' name. It's not easy to figure out the team part on

Eden said...

Pretty orchids.

Happy Blue Monday

Visits With Mary said...

Beautiful orchids, I've never seen any that blue. Hope your Mother's Day was awesome, have a wonderful Blue Monday ! !

Marice said...

wow! lovely orchids! Happy belated Mother's day to you Sally!

Tina´s PicStory said...

I love orchids at all, but this blue ones are really marvelous. LG Tina

Tina´s PicStory said...

I forgot something - sorry, I´m new here. HAPPY BLUE MONDAY :)

Lisa said...

Happy Blue Monday! I left a link to my edible vintage jewelry post. Hugs, Lisa

liberal sprinkles said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally. Those are very unusual colors for orchids I think. Very bright and cheery!

Dorincard said...

I can tell you that there are over 25,000 species of orchids, and you can read by yourself what the name means, etc.
Those super-blue orchids may seem unnatural, with extra pigments/silicone/steroids or something...
But Mother Nature has many intensely-colored things.
Happy Blue Monday, Sally! :)

Daniella said...

Hi Sally!
This is my first Blue Monday party, and I'm totally excited!!
Your blog is awesome!

☺lani☺ said...

How I love those blue orchids! Happy Blue Monday!

Gypsea Nurse said...

Happy Blue Sally~ Hope you had a wonderful weekend..
Thanks so much for hosting!

Annesphamily said...

I love all the blues today! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! For me the work week begins! Happy Blue Monday! Anne

Chubskulit Rose said...

The price is like that over here too Sally that is when I saw some orchids on sale for a dollar last december, I immediately grabbed some. I am happy that they are thriving to live although its my first time to have orchids. Beautiful shot!

Victoria Tsavdaridou said...

Happy blue monday !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm joining you for Blue Monday!! Love flowers and it's funny how our family hops in to help with our Blog parties!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ann said...

Your Son is truly well-trained. These orchids are just striking. Love the deep color. My granddaughters are becoming trained too, the other day one of them said "Is there any thing for yellow or orange, I have something".

Mylene said...

They are lovely. This is my first time to see blue orchids.Yes, they worth the money.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Beautiful blue orchids, Sally! I haven't seen one to Home Depot that is..

jlshall said...

Such pretty blue orchids! But then I would expect wonderful orchids down there where you live. Glad you had a great Mother's Day. Hope today is nice for you, too!

~Joy @ Joysweb

Loui♥ said...

Definitely BLUE!
I saw the same at my local supermarket..
as much as I adore the color blue,
I much prefer orchids in their natural colors found in nature..
have a Happy Blue Monday!!
warm sandy hugs!!

Grandmother Wren said...

Very pretty orchids. I love the color. I get scared when plants cost that much - it's been my experience that the more expensive a plant is, the more likely it will be that I will kill it. Same with fish for the fish tank. I always buy the little feeder fish - they live for years!

Happy Blue Monday, Sally

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Sally,

I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I did too, and incorporated that into my post today. I love your blue orchids!

Have a wonderful week and God bless,

Kathy M.

 gmirage said...

wow are those authentic? Gotta have them! Happy blue monday! -Mirage

Maria's Space said...

Those are beautiful flowers. Love the color.

Anonymous said...

It's a family fun time,glad you enjoyed Mothers Day,what a great and wonderful time eatin' with your children,and they cooked making it even better.
Love the blue orchids,son was so sweet to get the photo.
They are lovely.

Gin Hansson said...

Those orchids flowers are absolutely beautiful. I really love orchids especially blue...

Happy blue monday Sally. Mine is up now...

Hooked on Memes said...

Beautiful blue orchids. Happy Blue Monday!

Diann said...

Wow! What a vibrant color! Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day. Happy blue Monday!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh dear Sally, the Blue Orchids are so vividly blue and beautiful!!! The make me smile. :o)

I'm so happy to hear your Mother's Day was super filled with love, family and good eats too!!!

God bless ya and have a beautiful week dear one!

Dhemz said...

oh my! the price is's gorgeous, but I can't afford! nice one Sally!

have a good one!

Inger-M said...

Wow, I have never seen blue orchids before, they are so beautiful!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Love those blue Orchids. That is actually a good price compared to the Orchid farm I go to. Most of them are 30 and up to about 200!

Müge Tekil said...

The blue orchids are very beautiful! I would love to buy them! Have a Happy Blue Monday, ciao! :)

Dena E's Blog said...

Sally Sally Sally, I'd been kinda worried about you last night, just ask Hubb's.. When I arrived here late last night, actually 12:0? something. There was NO new BLUE Monday post up yet....
Here I am again,,"HI Sally and Everyone!!!" And look how late it has become to add my link,,arggggggg...
(did i spell that ok?)
Soooooooo HAPPY though, that YOU are OK, and able to be here with us and for the new post too!!!
..Praying alllll is well with YOU...
I'll sure keep you in my prayers Sis...
Hugs Dena

Sara Chapman said...

Glad you had a good Mothers Day. Since all of us had mothers, I think everyone should celebrate it. I never saw orchids like those!


Happy Blue Monday! Thank you Sally for hosting, I'm new at all this, so I saw your Blue party and I had done MD's in my Blue Onion china pattern for my family, so what a better party, right? I love your stunning orchids, I need to grow some. I'm sure you had a winderful MD's. God bless.

Sweetened by Kagi said...

Thanks for hosting such a fab linky party! I hope you have a great week :)

Momgen said...

Pretty blue flowers...

xinex said...

I have never seen orchids with an intense blue color like that, Sally. They're gorgeous!...Christine

Salmagundi said...

What an unusual color for orchids. Thanks for hosting today and Happy Belated Mother's Day. Sally

Dena E's Blog said...

Yep Sally, we are correcting the link OK...Hugsssss

Fashion Momma said...

Lovely blue flowers!

My Blue Monday.

joyh82 said...

What beautiful flowers! I don't think I have ever seen a Blue Orchid before. My husband the gardener..didn't have much luck with orchids. Happy Blue Monday!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I love the blue Orchids. Gorgeous

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Submitted my other BM

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Gorgeous Blue Orchids!
Happy Blue Monday!

Leovi said...

Sorry, I have withdrawn my not having blue link to view the owner of the blog. Fact that I respect and follow as she is responsible. My post has all of five images and themes are blue, NOT the dominant color and is in the fundamental parts of the work, But There is blue and has an important function of contrast. If anyone is curious can visit off-topic:

anne said...

Very nice, I didn't know there a color shard blue for orchids, hehehe

Unknown said...

the price can never equate the feeling of the receiver. What a gift!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know orchids came in blue! Beautiful!

The Tablescaper said...

Thanks for hosting.

- The Tablescaper

Richard Cottrell said...

Thanks for letting me join your blue Monday and I am your newest follower. Richard at My Old Historic House

annies home said...

beautiful blue flowers

Lina Gustina said...

I'm confused. I've submitted my link twice but it doesn't appear!

Unknown said...

Lovely Blue orchids...

Happy BM Sally.

bermudaonion said...

The orchids are gorgeous. I would consider buying them at that price if I thought I wouldn't kill them.