Monday, June 11, 2012

Blue Monday - Looking for Blue

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Johnny and I ate at a restaurant recently, and as usual, I was on the lookout for blue. Of course, I found a bit; Blue is everywhere!

Now, for a test. Look at the picture below. Do you see Blue?

How many Blues did you see? If you saw only one, look again.

Clearly, there are two Blues, just waiting to be seen and appreciated!
Some may see a third blue in the first shot. It's a reflective light on the back of the booth.

Happy Blue Monday!

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Chubskulit Rose said...

We used to use sweetener but not anymore.

LV said...

I am with you. I am always on the lookout for blues. I keep my little digital in my pocket at all times. You just never know what might pop up in front of you in blue.

Meoww said...

Been on the look out for blue ever since i joined blue Monday!

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally :)
...always on the look out for all things blue :)
Greetings from Australia♥

Alexa said...

Me too (on the lookout for blue that is)—and of course I see more than one in your photo!

Fashion Momma said...

Happy Blue Monday!

My Blue and Mellow Yellow Monday.

Sarah said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally! Thanks for hosting each week. ~ Sarah

Loui♥ said...

Hi Sally!
always so much fun popping by to visit..
so many BLUES..
just waiting for us to discover them..
not do hard for me..
that's my favorite color!!
hugs and smiles..

Tina´s PicStory said...

have a great week! :)

Jessica said...

I see three blues...the reflection of the light, the thrash box and some maybe sugar bag :-) Thank you for hosting the Blue Monday Ms. Sally :-)

The French Hutch said...

Hi Sally, I see both your blues! Have a wonderful Blue Monday.

The French Hutch

Clara said...

Hi Sally! Thank you for hosting and I see both of your blues. Happy Blue Monday.

Unknown said...

cute! Like the Blue!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Sally, It is amazing how many things I take notice of now that I have started blogging--colors and interesting patterns and buildings, and I take so many more pictures too! Yes, I see two blues! Have you noticed that some restaurants don't put out the sugar now? Happy Blue Monday! Linda

Beverly said...

Happy Blue Monday. I saw two of your blues, but I admit that I didn't notice the reflective light.

Our skies were the most gorgeous blues this weekend. It was a treat.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Blue is my favorite color, Sally, so I always love to find it in my daily life, although I have to admit I like Splenda as a sweetener :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Good morning Sally...where ever I go I find the blues and it always makes me happy!!

Erica (Irene) said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally.....
Love the blue sugar holder, I need to find one for my Splenda.

Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

Susan Freeman said...

I use those little blue packets all of the time so I am always on the lookout for them! But then of course, I am always on the lookout for blues of all kinds. Thanks for hosting Sally!

Susan and Bentley

LadyD Piano said...

I see! Thank goodness I don't need to increase my lens power, for now! :=)
Have a good day and thanks for hosting!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The whole time I was on Holiday, I was looking for BLUE things. Lot's of vespa's and blue doors.
Today is a tribute to a special lady.

I'm not a sweetner girl either :-)

Jeanne said...

Good morning Sally, We are in Kansas having a very nice time. Relaxing a lot. We head to Houston on Weds. We are meeting up with Shelia at Note songs on Mon. a week and then heading home.

I see your blue but it did change in your 2nd photo. The blue papers stand out in that file. Blue is always a standout color.

Happy Blue Monday Sally.
Love, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Hi Sally, I'm back. I just realized that those are sugar packets. HA! I should put my glasses on. I am a Splenda girl too.

Me again.

Savannah Granny said...

Sally, thank you so much for hosting. I don't always have something blue to post but I love your party. Hugs, Ginger

Annesphamily said...

This is a sweet blue today Sally! Love the rim of the sugar holder! It is so blue too! Hugs Anne

SarahBeth said...

Funny, I woke up with that Bobby Vinton song, Blue on Blue, on my mind this morning .... I wonder why?!!!!
Have a great Blue Monday!

Czjai said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally! And have a great week ahead of you! :)

Diann said...

Without a doubt Sally, you have made all of us so much more aware of all the blues around us! Thanks for hosting and I hope you and your hubby are having a great day!

Ann said...

Sally, we use sweeteners all the time, We don't really use sugar for anything but baking. I love going out to breakfast with my hubby.

Marleen said...

Ah yes, there's blue everywhere. Nice find. Happy Blue Monday!

Leovi said...

Yes, I like to play in this bright blue photos, pure delight. Greetings.

joyh82 said...

It's getting tricky to find blues around my house I think I have posted a bunch of them. Happy Blue Monday!

Susan Freeman said...

Hi Sally ~ thanks for letting me know I needed to link up again!

Susan and Bentley

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Great Pic!
Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

I like that blue container -- it seems like those are usually black in restaurants.

Mildred said...

Hello Sally!
Yes, I thought I had seen 3 blues!
Thanks for telling about the reflective light. And thanks for sharing;o)

Have a nice week****

Elaine said...

You found a bit of blue tucked away neat among the sugar packets.

Visits With Mary said...

WoW another fun Blue Monday !! Have a great week!!

Marice said...

thats cute! :) sorry im late.

happy blue monday sally!

Eden said...

Great shots. Love the blue container.

cassandrasminicorner said...

I saw Blue sachet of Equal sugar:)

Judi said...

Happy Belated Monday Sally *hugs*
You are so darn clever with your Blues...taking your clues I could find 2 but I didn't see the 3rd one until you pointed it out.

I hope you had a great meal at that restaurant too!

Hope you've been well and that its not toooo hot your way.

HAve a good evening..

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Sally, its been a loooong time since I have visited you! I see you still have a great eye for blue!
Hugs, Ann

Unknown said...

Hi Sally,

Blue is my favorite color and definitely, I'll send my blue gift to my father this Father's day!
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