Monday, February 10, 2014

Blue Monday - Laundry Room Blues

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Today, I'm showing you the Blue in my laundry room. At first glance, you can spot the blue rug and the blue laundry baskets on the floor.

There's blue on the box that holds the attachment to vacuum out the lint from the dryer. (Too much lint can cause a dryer to catch on fire. ) There's a bit more blue on the dryer knob.

Johnny, wearing a blue shirt, demonstrates how the attachment works. (You might be able to spot dirt lint deposited on the bottom inside of the dryer door.)

See that small frame on the wall? I'll get to that in a minute.

Almost finished. Please note that the dryer door is now clean. The Lint Lizard really works.

This tiny picture was given to me years ago by our daughter. I love the whimsy. See the blue in it?

Do you clean out your dryer lint?

Happy Blue Monday!


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Annesphamily said...

Oh Sally your laundry room is sweet. I love that little picture too. So perfect for the laundry room. I am always adding something to my laundry room walls. I have a little washroom and a few laundry images. I hope your week is wonderful and filled with lots of blue things to share. Hugs, Anne

Annesphamily said...

I meant to say I liked that lint lizard a lot! I try to keep my lint tray clean too. I wanted to say I have a small wash board on my laundry room wall and my first comment, well, I did not check my spelling. Have a great Monday!

Pondside said...

The lint lizard is a great idea - but then so is a husband who wants to give it a try!

Rob Hunt said...

Thanks for hosting Sally. I think I have blue fingertips from working outside in the cold weather. The minus degrees C are not normal for coastal BC.

Anonymous said...

Great subject!You're taking good care of your home. I've noticed that a little lint will already slow down the dryer!

My name is Riet said...

That lint lizzard looks so interesting. I am going to see if I can buy it here too. I love your blues. Happy blue Monday

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

I like how your husband is willing to demo and fits in with his blue shirt.
Have a nice week.

Lola said...

all the blues are calming - so effective in a laundry room!

Anni said...

Lovely little picture and nice fresh blue spots there! And yes, I do clean my dryer lint, but not with my vacuum cleaner. I've actually had a fire in my dryer once ...
Happy Blue Monday!

Lina Gustina said...

Love your laundry room, Sally. So clean and neat. You gave me new idea as I never clean our dryer with vacuum cleaner before.

My Desktop Daily said...

Hmmmm, making a mental note to go clean out the dryer!
Thanks for hosting, Sally.

AnnA said...

Hi Sal!
Our family have no drier...That't it. We hang our laundry in the furnaceroom.
This Blue Monday I am visiting the Memorial Lane...
Happy Blue Monday!
Best wishes,

LV said...

My washer and dryer much older than yours. A lint trap on the top of dryer that I clean after each use. If I have another area that needs cleaning, I do not know where it is. I am not thinking clearly this early, but have an early appointment.

SarahBeth said...

Well, I always clean the screen and we just put on a new vent hose so I'm all clean and ready to go!! That's an interesting attachment though -- might just have to look into it! Cute little picture too -- I have a cross stitch that I'd like to do for my laundry room that's got the same saying! Makes me smile!

Minoru Saito said...

Hi,Sally. Your daughter's sketch is very nice. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Laura said...

plenty of blue in this little space:-)


Please don't fix it dear Sally, I'm just too embarrased! Thank you so much for the great BLUE party. Your daughter sketch is great and I like the Little picture too, I have pictures and plates on mine.
Have a lovely and warm week ahead.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sally, I love your laundry room, and I really appreciate you telling us a out the Lint Lizard. I need to get one of those! I have a hard time getting I to our dryer because it is a stackable, but this looks great! Someone was thinking. Indeed to tell my friend Lisa about this.

Happy Blue Monday!



Leovi said...

Yes, pretty blue, good sucked!

SarahBeth said...

It's been so long since I've participated in Blue Monday that I added another link! Hope you don't mind!!

Janet said...

Sending more ice for Blue Monday! Meanwhile, I could probably use a lint lizard or wizard!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for hosting, this is my first time at this party and looking forward to participating soon again.

LadyD Piano said...

Wonderful post with great photos and sketch. I mostly use my clothesline since we live a rural lifestyle and have propane... but, yes I clean the lint screen!

Anonymous said...

I use my clothesline a lot, but I do clean my dryer lint with my vacuum cleaner too, Happy Monday :)

Jackie McGuinness said...

Cute! Yup, I clean my dryer lint. If you throw it outside the birds love it to make their nests with.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You have a very nice laundry room, Sally! My son-in-law has a business where he cleans air duct systems for furnaces and central air systems. He also cleans dryer vents completely to the outside venting, so I'm lucky he cleans my dryer vent :)

Happy Blue Monday!

Unknown said...

Wish we have dryer, it might be so helpful like times of Typhoon. I like that cutie frame ;)

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for sharing your laundry room with us

much love...

joyh82 said...

I need one of those we do so much laundry with 6 people in our house.
I used to hang it on the line way back when we first got married but not Happy Monday!

Hannah said...

My laundry room looks alot like yours but without the nice space for the laundry baskets, however wider with a counter and more cabinets opposite the washer/dryer. It would be hard to hang laundry out in my climate. The lint lizard seems like a great idea, perhaps smaller than the crevice tool on my vacuum.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I actually prefer outdoor drying to a dryer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! So good to hear from you! What a great guy you've got to clean your dryer vent for you. Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

betty-NZ said...

Lots of blues, Sally! I just clean my lint filter every load--maybe I need one of your contraptions!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Great tool for the vent! Tried to link in and the link here is missing...