Monday, November 3, 2014

Blue Monday - Blue Blooms

Hello! Welcome to Blue Monday! For complete instructions, just click here.

Halloween is over for another year. We had only 33 trick-or-treaters come to our door. Last year, we had 56. How many did you have?

Make someone's day when you wish them a Happy Blue Monday!

Plumbago is in bloom all around town. I love these Blue blooms! Here's a small bunch I discovered in a planter at Target's.

I'm showing a close-up so that you can see how gorgeous the Blue blossoms are.

Happy Blue Monday!


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Annesphamily said...

Hi Sally, such a lovely blue share. Always my pleasure to visit you here. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Anne

Little Wandering Wren said...

G'day Sally
We're on holiday for our Melbourne Cup weekend - lovely to join you this week and enjoy your blue flowers. I have an unusual blue this week - hopefully all done in the best possible taste!
Happy Blue Monday
Wren x

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I had many less Trick or treaters this year for Halloween, Sally. I was surprised as the weather was so nice here. I know my grandsons went to many Halloween parties at their classmates houses, so maybe that was the same everywhere?

Your blue flowers are beautiful!

Lina Gustina said...

They are lovely blooms.
We have sad weekend, Sally.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

beautiful blooms

Anonymous said...

I always think blue flowers have that fairy like quality! Wishing you a great week!

Gerald (SK14) said...

very nice flowers

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

How dreary the world of blossoms would be without blue!

Happy Blue Monday to you!

Hazel said...

Blue blossoms are always bluetiful in my books!

Julie said...

I also have blue blooms! Happy Blue Monday.

Marie said...

That is so beautiful! :) Wish I could see the same blue blooms around here!

Thanks for sharing Sally! This gave a smile in my face.

Jim said...

Beautiful blue blossoms

Alexa said...

Your eagle eye finds blue everywhere!

Mersad said...

I love those blue Blossoms! They are wonderful. I bet they smell gorgeous! Thanks for hosting!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Hi Sally, we have those blue plumbago bushes growing in our garden too! Thanks for hosting.

Jeanne said...

Good morning Sally, Home again and so happy the Gators won against the favored GA. What a great game for Treon.

I did this post this morning because we were tired from the long drive. A short one!

I too love these blue flowers. A good find. Flowers here in NC are so done. It is 29 degrees this morning and we had a dusting of snow on Sat. which we missed. We stayed with our dtr in Jax for the game. Winter is arriving early this year.

Have a lovely week.
Love, Jeanne

My Desktop Daily said...

Thanks for hosting, Sally!

photodoug said...

Sally, how fortunate to have flowers still blooming. Thanks for sharing.

bj said...

Pretty blue blooms.
Thank you, Sally.

Ni de Aqui, Ni de Alla said...

Hi Sally. Pretty blue flowers!

Leovi said...

Yes, indeed, wonderful blue flowers!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy November Blue Monday Sally. I have turquoise today.

Maria's Space said...

Not many blossoms left by me! Very nice to see some color on the ground that isn't a dead, wet leaf

Unknown said...

Lovely to see flowers bloom, especially when it`s almost winter snow over here.

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

The flowering bushes look lovely, in B.C this year we have had a extended summer the rain only started a couple of weeks ago so my Dahlia's are still in bloom.
Have a lovely week.

Anni said...

I love Plumbagos but we cannot have them outdoors in my part of the world. I used to have a big one in my flat when I was younger, but somehow it died. I'd like to try one again, maybe next spring?

Happy Blue Monday!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous blue... i feel the sun <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

They are a lovely pale blue! Delightful :-) My blooms are darker and more contrasty this week but I hope you like them.

Have a great week!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh Sally, they are really lovely. I don't think we have any Plumbago here in Vancouver, so yours were especially appreciated. No Halloween "trick or treaters" are allowed in apartment buildings in Vancouver. I enjoy seeing the little ones on the street, but really hate the fireworks and firecrackers that go on through most of the night. Quite a nightmare for most pets and wildlife, although Black Jack, fortunately is not very bothered by them. Let's just say we're happy Halloween is over for another year. Many thanks for your lovely meme!

Anonymous said...

wonderful blue blossoms, happy Monday :)

Pictografio said...

Blue flowers are lovely :)

GranthamLynn said...

Blutiful Blooms. Thanks for the party. I am having computer problems so I reposted a really, really old post from an older blog! Have a great week.

joyh82 said...

Such pretty flowers, they almost look lavender in color. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the challenge :-) This is my first entry... but I'll be back! I love Blue!

Dee said...

I'm glad I found your blog today. Blue is my favorite color so I adore those beautiful blooms of yours. I just wish I had more of a green thumb. Have a wonderful blessed day... :)

Bethany Carson said...

Lovely flowers! They must be forget-me-nots? When we lived in Portland we had some in our yard, and they complemented our blue house beautifully!