Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue Monday - Time to Laugh!

Hello! Welcome to Blue Monday! For complete instructions, just click here.

Please leave a comment for me; I guarantee that I'll visit and leave one for you. Visit other Blue participants by clicking on their links and leaving comments. If it's too much for one day, come back later in the week. Make someone's day when you wish them a Happy Blue Monday!

So many people are suffering and in need. I suggest we take a moment to pray for them.

 Then, let's lighten up a little and laugh.

I love to laugh, and I'm guessing that you do too. That's why I'm sharing some jokes--all with Blue, of course.

I hope this leaves you with a chuckle or a smile.

Happy Blue Monday!





























Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally! I enjoyed all the cartoons--especially #1, as I feel like that every day ;)

Annesphamily said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally! You and I think alike. My post tonight is rather lengthy but I had so much to share. I shared a few funnies too. Have a great week and you s=made me smile brightly. Hugs, Anne

Jutta.K. said...

Dear Sally,
Thanks for your post, it's nice when we can start laughing in Monday :-)
Best regards
Jutta from Germany

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

these are so treu and funny. I shared them once when I was showing photos to older people at a PP presentation I was doing. they loved them.

Liz Needle said...

Thanks for the jokes - they did indeed make me chuckle, especially the million dollar one.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing these.

Maria's Space said...

NICE! I love laughing. This is perfect for a busy Monday morning.

Gayle said...

The story of my life-hahaha. Thanks for the smiles.

My Desktop Daily said...

Yes, very funny, Sally! Enjoy your week!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

LOL! Have a happy blue week, Sally...

Latane Barton said...

Oh those were good! Thanks for brightening my morning, Sally.

LV said...

We all need a little laugh now and then. It is good for your soul. You shared some good ones. I can relate to No. 1 and No.3

photodoug said...

Sally, laughter is a good medicine. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Kay said...

The Costco one is so sentiments on the "large" purchases.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh Sally how fun! I needed a laugh this morning. I linked my Saturday post. I have a real Blue post that I"m working on today I'll link it in a little while. Need to get started on some chores first. Hope you have a wonderful party.
I'll also email you about the America The Beautiful tour. Sorry I haven't responded to you. Work was just crazy and exhausting. I have a new easier job now so hopefully I'll be in a better place!

Pondside said...

Thanks for the morning smile!! I especially like the Costco one!

Anonymous said...

funny, happy Monday :)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A few chuckles in the morning is good. Thanks Sally for Blue Monday. Hugs.

Jeanne said...

Laughter is good medicine. Loved these jokes Sally. The Costco one was a hoot and truth to that. HA!

Our daughter was here since last Tues. until Sunday. She was snowed in. We had a wonderful visit and had fun in the snow. She finally left on Sunday after we spent hours digging her out of the snow in our driveway. Yikes. We are still unable to back of of our garage because of solid sheets of ice where we back out. We hope it will melt enough today so we can get out for bowling tomorrow.

Did you have cold weather in Fl?

Happy Blue Monday.

Rob Hunt said...

Laughter is so important. Thank you Sally.

Joe romney said...

very nice.

Lotie Bollag Mosher Kloppenburg Romney said...

lovely blue.

Jeannie Marie said...

It's great to have a good number of chuckles on a Monday! That's a gift! I always enjoy a good comic!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

I liked the jokes.
Have a lovely week.

Ann said...

Oh I love all of these pick us up jokes, the first one I feel every day. They all connect to me in some way. Happy Blue Monday.


I totally loved the Costco HUGE toilet paper roll, lol! They're all good and made me smile.
Happy BLUE Monday sweet lady and thanks for hosting.
Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

Always enjoy a laugh! It's the best medicine next to watching butterflies :-)

Have a great week,

Gemma Wiseman said...

A great collection of laughs... Love the express cut and the Costco connection...

Al said...

Happy Blue Monday - your post made me chuckle :)

Floranet said...

Great work !! Thank a lot Buddy!!

Jennifer Lawrence said...

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