Friday, April 3, 2009

Show and Tell Friday - My Questionable Thumb

Kelli from Kelli's House hosts Show and Tell Friday. If you have something special to share, this is the place to show it. It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, or a treasured collection. Go to her place to join in the fun!

Molly at Molly’s Country Memories Home Place has run off and left me stuck with presented me with the Honest Scrap award. I met Molly recently during a Blue Monday. Molly is one of those bloggers who can take a used light bulb and make a snowman. Seriously, look in her Etsy store. Molly, I am overwhelmed with this (ahem) honor.

Molly tells me that the rules say "choose a minimum of six blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have six friends. Show the six random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with 'Honest Weblog.'” Um, thanks, Molly (I think.)

Then tell the jerk honoree to list ten honest and interesting facts about herself.

I've done so many of these that I am not certain if ten additional facts--let alone interesting AND honest facts--remain. However, I'll try.

 1. I am no gardener. My father had a green thumb. Both my brother and sister inherited it, but not me. Here's a picture of a Dessert Rose that I have growing in my planter. Yes, I know it's gorgeous, but I cannot claim fame for its beauty. I had it in a pretty pot by my front door, but when it stopped blooming, I plopped it into the ground. After I planted it, a green-thumb gardener told me that it was in the wrong spot; it was too damp.

Most of the time, it looks pathetic. Once in a while, when I think of trashing it, it blooms. The plant can read my mind! My HONEST FACT: I intimidate plants!

 2. I hate long-winded posts; they're boring.

 3. I don't like to follow rules.

 4. I don't like to choose favorites; it makes people feel left out.

 5. I quit!






You wanted HONEST? You got honest!

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Plan to come back for Blue Monday.


Janet said...

Thanks for the giggle! I'm not much good as a gardener either!

Unknown said...

My parents come twice a year to rescue our garden for us!

I am useless at passing on these awards.

P. said...

That's an amazing thing.
I was writing a comment when the page disapeared - funny computor, mine.
I was desperate looking for your blog when I realized you made a comment on mine.
I was so happy.
Now, for the comment about your post:
it's so funny and nice. And about the plant: it looks very nice.


Hootin Anni said...

Beautiful flower!

My Show n Tell is some of my treasured roses and amaryllis this week. Come by and enjoy the sweet fragrance and beauty.

Happy Friday.

April said...

Oh, no! Most of my posts are long-winded...I think I might be in trouble! :)

Congrats on your award! I love how you only completed a portion of your list. Those things can get pretty overwhelming, can't they?

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

LOL...that's what I should have done, cause by now there isn't 10 things about me most people don't know. Cause I do tend to be long winded. Your plant looks like mine, no green thumb here either.

bj said...

Oh, Sally never fail to leave me laughing most of the time. I adore your silly sense of humor and i know Mr. Sally loves you dearly. I can see why he wanted to marry you at 17....wanted a nice LONG time with his Sweet Sally.
I kill every single flower that I look at..I have to plant something made of iron or else it will die...
I don't like long winded posts either and I LOVE PHOTOS!! Guess we all like different things, hu? That's what makes the world go round....
xo bj

Love Bears All Things said...

The rose seems to thrive despite your thumb.
Mama Bear

A Hint of Home said...

Your flowers seem to look healthy. They are very pretty.

Gattina said...

That's amazing ! for once I totally agreee with somebody, lol !

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love it. I was tagged with the same thing and there's nothing to say about me either. I am an open book. Hugs, Marty

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Ha,ha! You crack me up, Sally! There's an award for you on my blog!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hate to garden (but am forced to), I hate long-winded posts (and catch myself doing just that), I hate to hurt feelings (and try my best not to hurt them), and don't follow the rules with blog awards! LOL!

Gee, I knew I liked you!


Sheila :-)

Dawn said...

Your blog header photo is beautiful!
Thanks for stopping in, Sally!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Thanks for visiting. You gave me a chuckle. Just couldn't do it huh? I really don't like doing those, cuz I feel stupid answering the questions!!

Susan B said...

Your post made me laugh! I am not a gardener either. My husband does all the yard work, takes care of the plants, etc...very pretty picture. Thanks for sharing!

Janice said...

Well done for not following the rules!

Dianne said...

That was a fun post!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Mary Anne said...

Your post made me chuckle;-) That's a beautiful flower.


Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

I love your post Sally ♥ You are truly a rebel LOL I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Raggedy Girl said...

That was just too funny.

Have A Fabulous Friday
From Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl.

Cathy said...

Cute post, Sally ~ I don't think anybody likes to choose people for awards.

Musings of A Minister said...

Fantastic honest answers! I loved because your answers remind me of me.

Mrs.T said...

My thumb is also questionable. It's definitely not green.

Awards are lovely... I appreciate the thought behind them. But I can just never think of who to pass them on to, because we still have dial-up and I simply can't visit all the blogs I would like to. Hence, I dread getting awards because of not being able to pass them on. I appreciated your honest take on the subject!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table to see my aprons, too!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Oh, you silly silly one! I loved this! As nice as it is for others to think of us and bestow upon us these doo dads - I feel like you sometimes and think - not again!!
Keep on being the stinker that I love! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Visiting you via Kelli's Show and Tell blog train!

Honestly - my plants look like yours. haha.

LOVED your post!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and your very kind comments that you always leave. I really look forward to your blog and I always appreciate your visit. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

tammy said...

I hate long-winded posts too. Short, sweet and to the point is what I like.

I think I missed that gardening gene in my family too.

imjacobsmom said...

That's telling it like it is.....I heart you, Sally, you are a hoot! ~ Robyn

KBeau said...

Of course, you know that honesty is the best policy, as they say.

Ashley ~ said...

Too funny*!!! I don't really mind doing the survey, but I usually end up with the same 10 things about myself. I'm boring*! (SMILE)

Ashley ~

Pink Slippers said...


CarJax said...

You are so funny. Loved reading this. And thanks for your comment on my S & T. Blessings, Jax in Alaska

Trina said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you what a blessing your comment was on my blog today. Have a wonderful weekend ;)

Barbara H. said...

That flower is pretty! Mine tend to bloom in spite of me rather than because of me.

I'm afraid most of my posts are lengthy, though I do try to work on that.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Yes Sally---I know about your gardening talents... Remember the Forsythia????? ha ha ha

Cute post... I don't like long-winded posts either--although mine may fall into that category sometimes. ha ha


Eleanor said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my face today with this blog!

Pam said...

What a funny post! Congrats on your award.
I love gardening, but some of my plants feel the same way as yours. : )

Libby's Library said...

Sally - you're honest, and call it as you see it, so the award is perfect for you!

BTW - thanks for the great book giveaways;-)

Lisa Cobler said...

I'm not good with plants or flowers. Hubby does the gardening around here.
Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! My mom has a great garden while I don't do any planting or gardening.

Anonymous said...

How funny!!! - and honest.

Susie Q said...

I have the worst black thumb for sure. It is awful! I can plant sich pretty things early inb the season and by July I am ready to cement the whole garden over!

I must apologize about MY long posts! I do that often! *smile*


artis1111 said...

Love the bunny!!The flowers are wonderful. I love it in the Spring when the lovely smells from the flowers are all around. Kathy

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm no gardener either, my mother and sister are experts! But, I do have some gorgeous orchids growing! My husband helped! I'll share them sometime soon!

Cute reply to the award, I have the same problem with them! LOL!


♥ Kathy said...

lol Sally that was great :D

A Joyful Chaos said...

Congratulations! You just posted the best list of honest things about yourself I have had the pleasure of seeing out here in the blogging world.
Thanks for the chuckles!