Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue Monday - Corgi with Blue

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Today, this precious Corgi is demonstrating her love of things blue. Her name is Fergie, the Duchess, and she belongs to Jane, who lives in Pennsylvania. This picture was taken at Jane's house.

Fergie chooses to lounge on a blue pillow. Please note the blue Royal Copenhagen figurine and two blue antique Ringtons on the table, along with another blue print pillow and blue print curtains!

Happy Blue Monday, everyone!

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Marice said...

so cute!!!

xinex said...

Fergie has excellent taste is so precious. He looks like a fox....Christine

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Sally!

What a beautiful dog the Duchess is, and she has lovely taste, too. Jane's house is beautiful. So glad you shared it with us.

Sending you warm hugs for Blue Monday. I put up the second (and last part) of my Christmas tour. LOL! Whew!


Sheila :-)

LV said...

That puppy knows a good thing when he finds it. Everyone likes blue even the animals.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Aww she is enjoying her siesta time heheh..

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

so very cute, he looks like she is enjoying her rest.

Dena E's Blog said...

Awwww so beautiful of a Corgi too.
The whole setting is actually Sally...
Love ya Sis!!! Hugs Dena

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

what cute dog ,this is my first time at Blue Monday ,but I had this party in mind when I actually did my blue post!

Jan said...

Lovely decor, and a very elegant Duchess. Just like our Tilda lounges about!
Have a great Blue Monday.
Hugs, Jan

Fashion Momma said...

Too cute!

My Blue Monday.

☺lani☺ said...

Cutie, cutie! Happy Blue MOnday!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fergie is very elegant as are her beautiful surroundings!

Happy Blue Monday, Sally!

Jeanne said...

Hi Sally, this photo of Jane's home is lovely. It looks like she shares your love of blue. Fergie looks very pleased with himself on the lovely couch. He is a handsome pup and it is clear they love him very much. I love the photo of the very lucky pup.
Warm hugs, Jeanne

it was 61 today. Very unseasonable weather. It won't last but it sure was beautiful today.

Love, Jeanne

Diann said...

A natural born model!

Unknown said...

that fergie, i think, has much "royal taste" than her namesake:) look at all the elegant blues in her surroundings:)

happy monday, sally.

Eden said...

The dog is so cute. Lots of blue there. Love the figurine.

Happy Blue Monday.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sally,
Jane's house is beautiful and her Corgi is absolutely adorable!!!
Happy Blue Monday!

Verna Luga said...

awwww.... darling beautiful fella! dropping by for BM.

Loui♥ said...

hi Sally..
Move over..
I'm coming for a visit..
am so tired of cold and snow!
what fun we'll have!!
Happy blue Monday!!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Well, Fergie has very good taste! Why would a duchess lounge on the floor or on a dog bed when she could use those beautiful pillows? Linda

Self Sagacity said...

What a pretty looking dog, she has the poise of a royalty. :-) Happy Blue Monday.

Fex said...

nice pose there in the couch :) Happy Blue Monday Sally

anemonen said...

Lovely dog and queen Elisabeth have the same.

eileeninmd said...

Happy Blue Monday! Fergie is looking very comfy resting on the blue pillow. Have a great week, Sally!

jlshall said...

Fergie is adorable, and she certainly has a splendid room to lounge in. Seems very fitting!

Hope you have a great Blue Monday, and a wonderful week!

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Adorable dog, and this size is perfect!

Lui said...

Obviously, Fergie has style. Just like most dogs I know ;-)

I'm back, Sally! And happy blue day!

Beverly said...

Happy Blue Monday, dear Sally.

Fergie does look like a duchess, and it looks like she lives like a duchess, too. I can see she is well loved.

Yami said...

Nice place. Fergie is so adorable. :)

Dropping by for Blue Monday. :)

La said...

Fergie is adorable. Happy Blue Monday! La

Martha said...

Fergie is adorable and Oliver, our resident Corgi, is jealous!!! Oliver, like Fergie adores blue! (but then he must, for he lives at Linderhof, where blue and white china abound!)

genny said...

here with my entry this week.

nice dog, i love dogs.

Donnie said...

He is such a cutie and you know I love the Blue Willow pattern on the jar on the table. Happy Blue Monday to you too.

Momgen said...

Oh they cute blues...Happy blue Monday.

anne said...

So Cute!

Dorincard said...

Corgi, one of the few breeds able to herd geese...:)

Melynda@Scratch Made Food! said...

Hello, having trouble with the linky program, it always copies the same previous link, even when clearing the line. I have run out of ideas as to why. I am sharing a post, on apple pie, history and family. Yes there is blue in it! Thanks for hosting.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Don't our puppies just make themselves at home. They know they are part of the family and want to be treated that way. Lovely post. ~~Sherry~~

Dhemz said...

what a cutie...I can see some blues around...she looks comfortable....:) thanks for sharing Sally!

my home sanctuary said...

Oh so cute. I needed something to make me smile.
Have a great day,

Slice of Pie said...

Thanks for hosting .. and sharing your cute post.

Jeri ~ said...

All the blue is very pretty, but Fergie knows who the real star in this post is...Happy Blue Monday!

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Jane's dog looks so at home. What a cute pic!

Sherrie said...

My post was suppose to be for last Monday, but it was after midnight and Mr. Linky would not let me post. So here it is for today. I hope you don't mind. Thank you. It isn't often that I have blue, but this time I went overboard. Thanks for hosting the party.

Becky K. said...

A beautiful home and a sweet, sweet dog.

Lesa said...

Of course blue-- only the best for Fergie! Bet she is friendlier than most royalty-- I'm still miffed at getting kicked out of Hollyrood Palace just because Prince Charles was arriving!


Anonymous said...

Lots of really nice blues there!

Hooked on Memes said...

Happy Blue Monday, Sally! What a lovely dog!

Ann said...

How cute, Dutchess really knows how to live. Beautiful blues in her house.

Charlotte said...

Beautiful dog in a beautiful setting. The touch of blue makes it perfect.
Happy Blue Monday!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Sally, she does look like royalty among the beautiful blue and gold. Happy Blue Monday, and thank you for hostessing this fun event each week!

Grandmother Wren said...

A duchess indeed -
she's looking very regal on her throne!

Marie said...

So cute! I love Corgi's -- they have the most adorable faces and those big ears! :-)


Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Jane's dog Fergie is really cute. Beautiful blues. Blessings, Debbie

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh! I love Corgi's; they are much like my little shelties and make the very best pets! Little Fergie is adorable!
Happy Blue Monday!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Sally. We wish you guys had been with us too.
Hugs & blessings,

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

What a lovely room, and such a beautiful dog.

Vivianapachecofineart said...

My first ever Blue Monday!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Now there's a pampered looking dog stretched out on the couch - she's sweet.
Thanks for hosting Blue Monday.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Hi Ms. Sally, what a cute dog you got in there, and she love blue. I like that blue figurine in the side table

B i r g i t t a said...

Fergie rests in a very beautiful surrounding :)
Love the picture!

Sar@h said...

Happy blue monday !

Mary Ann Pickett said...

We can tell who is in charge at Jane's house :)
Mary Ann

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Hey Sally,
I put your cute button on my side bar.
Best Wishes,
Mary Ann

Rebecca said...

What cute little fellow-Happy blue Monday!

Rebecca said...

What cute little fellow-Happy blue Monday!

joyh82 said...

What a cutie! Happy Blue Monday!

Lulu said...

Thanks, Sally, for challenging me to think blue on Monday. I try not to be blue!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! Oh, that little Fergie is adorable and so chic! She knows the perfect color for a dog is blue!
Hope you're dong well and it's always wonderful to hear from you.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Terry said...

Howdy Sally
Fergie is fabulous !!!
Thank you for sharing this sweet duchess and her wonderful blues with us today .
Have a blessed week sweet lady :)
Hugs from Texas
Until next time
Happy Trails

Picket said...

Morning Sally!!! Love that cute furbaby...did you ever get anything at Hobby Lobby? Girl I was at mine bright and early Monday morning and they had two of the tall cloches left like the one in the pic I found on the internet with the tall fern in it...I got it for $17.50...squeal!!! I also bought one of those terra cotta saucers like you put under a pot...painted it a creamy white and got some small pebbles to go in it.. now I just gotta get a fern and it will be glorious!!!! lol Happy Blue Monday girl...hope you have a great week...Picket

Admin said...

Hi Sally, my blog would love to join this meme on MOnday...will surely love it..thanks.

Nature's Beauty

artis1111 said...

Girl,I can't get my dogs to sit still long enough to take a picture. I ge the camera out and they have other things to do.Kathy

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I see Royal Fergie knows royalties can relax much better surrounded by blues! What a sweet picture of the Duchess!

God bless you sweetie and have a fantastic weekend!!!

Nancy said...

Fergie has exceptional taste! Would she not like to come visit Pennsylvania for a while? I so love Corgis!