Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bloggers Meme

There's a new meme going around Blogland. I first saw it Notes in the Key of Life. I've dropped some of the questions and added the final one. Barbara of Stray Thoughts is the originator of this interesting meme, and her blog along with her answers can be found here. Please give her credit if you choose to join in.

How do you feel about being tagged for memes?

I like it, but perhaps it's because I only began blogging this past June. It's all kind of new to me. However, I can understand the opposing point of view as it does take time to do them.

Do you participate in any regular weekly memes? Which ones?

I discovered Booking Through Thursday first, and because I've always loved to read, I am delighted to have found it. A couple of weeks ago, I jumped on the bandwagon with Pink Saturday, and more recently, began my very own Blue Monday.

Have you found any bloggers who you began to read regularly after participating in a meme with them?

Yes, of course. That's one of the big advantages of doing a meme--to meet people.

Did you find any favorite blogs through comments or blogrolls on others’ blogs?

Sure, I have even searched to find new "friends."

If you comment on someone’s blog, do you expect a response? If so, do you prefer that response to come through an e-mail, a comment from them on the same post, or a comment on your blog?

I always comment whenever I visit, and I 'd like to get a comment from people who I visit. It's silly to answer back on your own post; how will I see that response unless I return and dig into the comments?

An email is a good idea if it's a more private matter.

I feel to not return the favor of a visit with a comment is sort of like a snub. To me, it would feel as if I said, "Hello" and received no reply. : (

Are there certain types of blogs that attract you?

My favorites are those who give me a chuckle. I also enjoy the welcoming ones.

Are there certain types of blogs that repel you?

I don't care for blogs with anything off-color, profane, or mean-spirited. I also roll my eyes when confronted with a wordy post.

Do your family and friends know about your blog? Do they read it? Do they mind if you mention them? Do they suggest posts for it?

(sigh) My friends and family know about my blog, but I don't think many of them read it. My older friends don't seem to understand how to work the computer well enough. Honestly, I've had two ask me how to find and read the blog! At least one member of my family thinks it's a foolish waste of time. I will therefore be careful whenever I mention them, if ever.

Obviously, I get no suggestions for posts.

However, another member reads and comments on a regular basis. (Thank you, Allen!) My husband reads every post; hey, he has no choice. I drag him into the office and SHOW him my most recent offering! Poor baby. (He really is quite supportive, and I think a bit proud of me.)

How do you feel about people who never leave comments?

How do you spell "stalker?"


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Sal...

Your hubby sounds like Tom...most times, when I've gotten a post ready, I call him into the office to view it!!! And he always does and I love it!!!

These questions are fun...but, alas, with my re-decorating and soooo many things that still need to be done before mid-October, I barely have time to do my regular posts and visit others. Thank goodness, we have the option to do our posts and save them for later posting!! I love that feature.

Sometimes, recently, I've resorted to just reading some blogs and not commenting...just because I don't allow myself enough time on the computer. I don't like doing that, but sometimes, you just have to. If I visited everyone's blog and had to comment, I'd never get done. (I have tried to weed out my friend's blog list...but to no avail.) LOL!!!

Have a blessed day and maybe some Monday, I'll participate in your Blue Monday meme.


artis1111 said...

good post !! I will post some religeous cards. They wanted to do cards from the two paintings I did in church but never got around to doing it. I will do so and list them on my Etsy store. I had just never thought of it. Thanks. Kathy

Shelia said...

Hi Sally! I agree with you on lots of your answers. I too, do not appreicate commenting on someone's blog and they never respond. I'd had some very blogs I really enjoyed going to. I would comment and comment the next day,etc. After a little while of that, I thought humpf...never mind! I don't go to those places any more. Sometimes I get almost 40 comments and do my very best to respond to each of them. I really do try. That's just me.

Oh, I'm glad you noticed my new look. Everyone is changing around and I wanted to too. I don't know how to get the new fancy backgrounds, so I just changed my color.

Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

P.S. I'll continue to do Blue Mondays with you if we don't get blown away!!

jlshall said...

Thanks for posting this meme - I hadn't seen it before. My answers would be similar to most of yours, I think. I've noticed, though, that when some visitors to my blog leave me comments on a post, they get a little miffed if I don't reply there on that same post instead of going to the visitor's blog. So I guess everybody has their own likes and dislikes. Sometimes the etiquette of blogging is a little hard to fathom.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sal,

I actually created this meme! My answers are here.

I "met" you through BTT.

I enjoyed reading your answers. I know I have some regular readers who only comment occasionally. Though it would be nice to hear from everyone who stops by, I'm glad to know they are out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
I like your post. It was quite interesting and I agree with most of what you said. My hubby, bless his heart, tries to be interested in my blog. Sometimes he will faithfully read it, but other times he doesn't, especially when there is a good football game on LOL Those football games tend to last all day Saturday and Sunday at our house.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Sally, Great answers to your meme! I love comments, and try to be very faithful about leaving them with I visit! I detest when I leave someone a comment and they reply in an email, without visiting my site! That really bothers me! LOL! I love the cartoon you included! How cute is that! And I can't believe you just started blogging in June! WOW, you seem like a very seasoned blogger...Great job! ~Rhonda

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Sally...I LOVE the fact that you comment on my blog! It's always an encouragement. I try to comment if I have anything worthwhile to say.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for the comment about BRENDON's passing.

You must have been posting the comment when I was making an addition to the post. You'll be happy to read the REST OF THE STORY on that post.


Obe's said...

Great post!
Diane at Crafty Passions

Beverly said...

Very interesting post. I don't get offended when people don't comment.

I always comment to everyone that participates in Pink Saturday. It has become so large that I can't visit everyone in one day, but I do always get to everyone. There are a huge number of participants that never leave me a comment, but I am happy that they join in and are having fun. It's all about having fun and meeting new people.

I love blogging, and thoroughly enjoy reading others.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I've seen this meme around the blogosphere and it's so interesting to me to see everyone's different opinions on it. I think the "lurkers" are something we all have and although I would love to know who every single person is that visits, I guess that's not the way it works. :)
I laughed when you said you drag your husband in to read your latest post...LOL! Although I'm quite sure he would read it anyway...I know he's proud of you!

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

That's cute about making your husband read. I do that too. And of course I "make" him post reviews. hehehe

Killlashandra said...

What is it about friends and family not reading your blog? I ask because I find it's true too. I certainly don't blog to stay in touch with them. ;)

Neat meme. I may have to try it.

Sara said...

I often read but don't always comment if I don't have anything to add. I do so appreciate receiving comments on my postings so I will do better to comment more often. I appreciate the blogging insight Sal!

Rosezilla said...

hello, i found you through Charli and Me. I live in SW Fl also, but on the other coast. Are you getting all the rain from Ike that we are? Of course you guys got more from Fay than we did. My family doesn't understand blogs, either, and don't read mine. Sigh. (Well, my hubby and sons do).

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I get what a meme is but what does it mean you know literally?

I actually popped over to say hi, and saw your interesting post today.

Dawn said...

Most of my "real life" friends don't get blogging! I feel like I have met some wonderful people through this hobby.

I like to comment when I read a blog as well.

take care,

Alex said...

hahahah...the comment piece made me chuckle..along with the picture. :) Thanks!

Grandma Faith said...

Just a comment to say I find this all very interesting.

imjacobsmom said...

What a cute cartoon. i always try to comment if I can. I like to receive comments too. I can't believe you've only been blogging since June , you are such a pro. ~ Robyn

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Smiling Sally; You know my biggest fan is my Husband Rod, he helped me set up my blog. He is a great guy just like you have.
I loved to read your answers, now I know you even better. I love to get comments, but sometimes not very many stop by and some days I have lots. Either way I love to read what they have to say about my post, and I do try to visit everyone and leave a comment. I have so many favorites it is hard to get to them in one night. lol.

Have a great week.

whatloknows said...

Hey. Great post. Enjoyed the read.

My first visit to your blog and I am commenting. I find it annoying when people take the time to read your blog but NOT to leave their stamp.


nikkicrumpet said...

Your answers were so close to how I would have answered those questions...and I laffed when I saw what you wrote about dragging your hubby over to see...My sweetie just knows he's not gonna make it through the night without giving me his impressions of my posts. Have a great night!

daisy said...

Hello, sweet Sal!

I always enjoy your comments, and I felt a little "ouch!" because I'm not always very good about returning the favor. {:o(

Most of my family does NOT blog, and they think I am just a little off for doing so. In fact, some of them have used the word obsessed. (I can quit any time I want to. I just don't want to.)

I am pretty sure that my ex-husband's family members read my blog, but they don't comment. Ever. So I laughed about your stalker comment.

Although they might comment anonymously, I'm not sure. Those are usually the mean comments, though, so I'm not sure.

But I'll try to be better about returning comments, so please don't stop visiting! :)

Cathy said...

Hi, Sally, I do appreciate your comments on my blog. I am guilty of sometimes answering on there though. I do try to return visits. I enjoyed your meme, and I saw it on Cindy's blog too. You always have cute cartoons.

Alea said...

Eeek! I reply to people in the comments where they wrote originally on my blog. When I leave a comment on someone's blog (on blogger) I click the Email follow-up comments so I can see if they write back to me. I can get so scatterbrained it's nice to see the two comments together in case I forgot what I had written to someone and then they reply, I can look right there and see what I wrote. I have troubles with wordpress because it doesn't alert me to follow up comments. Sometimes I'll leave a comment on someone's blog but I usually like to keep the stream of communication in one place.

So maybe you haven't seen my responses to your comments in the past ... :( But I'm subscribing so I'll see if you write me back here in the comments LOL!