Monday, September 22, 2008

Blue Monday - Shopping

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Johnny and I went shopping at Sawgrass Mills Mall the other day. When I noticed the blue sign, I thought of Blue Monday! Sawgrass opened in 1990, and is Florida's largest mall with more than two million-square-feet of retail and entertainment space and more than 350 name-brand stores and outlets inside one huge air-conditioned mall.

In addition to the almost two miles of shops, there are thirty places to eat and a movie theater with 23 screens! The information sign (with a touch of blue) shows that the mall is laid out in the shape of an alligator. The name sawgrass is taken from the Everglades where gators live, along with a razor sharp grass that is saw-like. Of course, it doesn't bother the gator's tough skin.

With Blue Monday in mind, I took a picture of this store window, with the pretty blue accessories. We didn't stay long, though. We made our small purchase and left.

On the way home, I spotted this beautiful blue plumbago hedge. I made Johnny stop the car while I took this picture. The car moved a bit just as I snapped, so the picture is not too clear.

Plumbago blooms all year long except for the coldest winter months. I downloaded this last picture from the internet so that you could see the beauty of this blue blooming plant.

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Dawn said...

That is one HUGE mall. I think it's pretty interesting that it is shaped like an alligator. That's a pretty good picture you took of the flowers considering the car was moving a bit :)

take care,

bj said...

Happy Blue Monday, dear Sally...
What a FABULOUS big! And, I have never been to a movie that had so many screens!
Hahaha...hubbys just don't get it, do they !!

Elizabeth said...

I have often heard of plumbago, but never knew what it was. Thanks for sharing!

Grandma Faith said...

That mall is huge and those flowers are beautiful. Now I know two things about Florida I didn't know before. Thanks for the info and for hosting Blue Monday. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sally
BEAUTIFUL blue flowers. How clever that you would see this big BLUE sign. See it really pays to take along your camera. That sounds like a nice mall....hope you found something special for you.

Have a lovely day

Jeanne said...

Good morning Sally, I remember when the Saw Grass Mall was built. We lived in Jupiter, Fl. at the time. It is amazing. Nice blue post today as usual. Smile.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a humongous mall. Do they provide shuttle from one end to the other? :-) It's neat that they tried to do the architecture in a way that fit the location.

Those flowers are pretty

Brown-Eyes said...

You made me smile reading the hubby & you typical....Haha...Wow, that mall must be a day's trip, but I'm already tired from just thinking about it! ;-) Bo

Alex said...

I don't think I've ever seen blue plumbago before. It is very beautiful! :) Happy Monday.

Gwendolyn said...

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog the other day! And also for introducing me to Blue Monday...I've never heard of that one! :o)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Happy Blue Monday.. I love the blue plumbago.. so pretty when you look from far.. seeing all blue on top of green..

ellen b. said...

Good Morning! You found some great shades of blue out and about! Looks like my kind of mall with a TJ Max.
The flowers are so pretty...

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so funny. My husband teases me because I carry a camera every where. I can just see you snapping away. We went out to dinner the other night with our son and daughter. Our son said if I was going to start snapping pictures he was leaving LOL I did enjoy your blue Monday post. I will be posting mine a little later today. Sally I hope you have a wonderful Blue Monday!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I bet that is one awesome mall! We have just a bitty one here in my town. I love that display window too, but do girls in Florida really go out in shirts cut to their navels wearing spangly bras? lol

Have a great Blue Monday!


Sweetie said...

Happy Blue Monday! What a wonderful mall. How great that you caught the blue in the sign. The mall window is great. And - the flowers are beautiful. I have a Johnny too and I can relate to your conversation.

Anonymous said...

Blue Monday has looked like a fun way to start the week so I'm joining in today.

I've never been in a Mall even close to that big! Sounds like you could spend a week there.

Love Plumbago. I have a plant too. just blooms in summer and then it dies back here.

Kathy b

Melissa's Cozy Tea Time Readings said...

Mine is up! happy Blue Monday!

MARIA said...

Dear Sally,
I'd like to Thank You for your sweet visit and vishes.
Thank you for an acceptance, InterneTional Friends Award is for you!

My sincere greetings
from Poland

MARIA said...

Love your beautiful place and Blue Monday.
Happy Blue Monday!


God bless you!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thank you for hosting Blue Monday..I got my name on there. Laurie

salmagundi said...

The plumbago is beautiful - I had never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing. Sally

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Sally,
Well, I finally joined your Blue Monday. I love your blue post, the mall, but most of all, I love the blue flowers, I have this plant growing in my yard too and right now its in full bloom, very beautiful!
Love, Ann

Sonya said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I love doing those Friday Fill-in's since sometimes it is the only chance I get something posted! ;)

We have one of those bushes in our yard, with the blue flowers, and I never knew the name of it! I just always knew that it FOREVER has blooms on it! They are beautiful!

I will stop by again to say hi! Thanks again!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sally,your blue Monday looks great!! I would love to shop in that mall..the blue flowers are pretty...
My post is ready... hugs, baba

Peggy-Just A Plain Gal said...

Hi, Sally! Thank you for hosting Blue Monday again! I can see that I am really going to have to start hunting down BLUE STUFF! As much as I love blue, I don't seem to have much of it! I love the plumbago! I wonder if it would grow well in North Mississippi!

Bridget said...

Happy Blue Monday Sally, I LOVE Sawgrass Mall! Oh how I miss that place. My first time there, we ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. I like the HardRock Cafe too.
I'm just sitting here right now watching Regis and he and Kelly obviously are participating because they are both dressed in blue! I was going to take a back to school pic of my daughter and post it because I knew she was wearing blue to school today (her university just started today) but she didn't come by like she was planning on doing. I think she got too caught up with putting on her can someone with her looks need an hour to put on makeup? lol

Molly said...

This mall is great! And you snapping pics all over the place! The blue flowers are gorgeous--I can't imagine living somewhere where the flower blooms all year long! Happy Blue Monday!

Coloradolady said...

I have enjoyed your blue monday once again. I have got to remember to post next week. I always seem to forget, and remember when I am off to work......forgive me. I will do better. Have a great week Sally, I will be here next week. (I even know what I am going to post)

Stephanie said...

Happy Blue is my favorite color!!


Cathy said...

That is some mall with the pretty blue signs! I enjoyed the lovely blue flowers too.

LeadHership: said...

You said I have to drag something onto my blog? Huh? Email me and tell me what to do. Thanks!!

imjacobsmom said...

I told you that I was joining in today! Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

imjacobsmom said...

Ok, I'm back. I took a second look at that mall and it looks like fun! It's cool that it is shaped like an alligator. ~ Robyn

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Sally, thanks for visiting me! I've seen the Blue Monday banner several places. I'm just getting in the groove with the Pink Saturday so when I get geared up I'll add Blue Monday too! Way fun, isn't it?!


g said...

Ah, I love plumbago! We have a lot growing here in Southern CA.

Happy Blue Monday to you, Sal!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I went to Sawgrass 6 years ago and LOVED it!

ROXY said...

that mall must be great!! I wish we had one that big around here! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again soon:)

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Sal, Thank you for the invite to Blue Monday's. I would love to participate. I'll go check out the guidelines. hugs, Ellen

Killlashandra said...

2 miles of shops! That's just crazy. It would take longer than day to traverse through the entire complex. I hope you found whatever you were looking for.