Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Monday - Problem Blue Chair

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Here's my Blue Monday offering for today.

I've had this chair for a very long time. It's comfortable and well made. However, there's a problem. When I had it made, I had carpeting, and I had it made with rollers.

Now, it sits in my Family Room (you might say Den), and that room has tile floors. You can imagine the problem: someone sits down and gets a free ride! Whee!

Johnny pulled the rollers off, but that made the chair too low. It looked funny--all squatty-like, so back in the rollers went! We've tried to find new legs but have not had any success.

We put these rubber stops under the rollers, but if a person tugs on the chair a bit to reposition it, the wheels slide off the stops.

Does anyone have any sugestions?

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splummer said...

Hi! My Blue Monday is posted. Take a look!! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Nothing beats a comfy chair!!! My only suggestion would be to call a furniture repair shop to see if they could make new legs.

take care,

Grandma Faith said...

Is there some way you could "jam" the wheels so they don't roll? It is really a nice looking chair. I think I have it's pink cousin in my family room. (Next Saturday?) Thanks again for hosting the Blue Monday fun. I'll see you around!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Sally,
It's too early in the morning to come up with a solution for much of anything...but you have two good suggestions above me!

My first thought was Connor...boy he would love that chair. LOL

Have a gread day!

bj said...

It looks like a really comfy chair.
I would think having new legs built by a furniture maker would be your best bet. We have a Home Depot here that sells all kinds of legs.
Happy Blue Monday..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
You have a beautiful chair and it is certainly worth keeping. There must be some furniture repair man out there some where that could design and place a new set of legs on it for you. Happy Monday!

Llyn M said...

Happy BM!! It's my second! What fun!

Alex said...

Hey...I wouldn't mind going for a ride! ;-) tee hee Happy BLUE Monday!

artis1111 said...

I can't get it to except my url. Happy Blue Monday! Kathy

ellen b. said...

I'm going to have to ask my handy man...
In the meantime I'd just enjoy the ride :0)
Have a great Blue Monday Sally!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I don't have any new suggestions than what were already given, sorry. I can see why you love the chair though!


Lana G! said...

New legs sounds like a winner.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good Blue Monday, Somethings never wear out...just keep rolling along..Furniture is not made as strong as yesterday..Have a good day.

all day (allen d) said...

i ate my cereal from a royal blue cup today.

Sweetie said...

I love your blue chair. You are giving me the incentive to partipate in Blue Monday - maybe next week. This is my first visit to your blog and I took the time to look it over. I love the right brain/left brain post. Your pink pedestal dish is gorgeous. I was also married at the young age of 17.

Killlashandra said...

It's too bad the rollers don't have locks on them. That would help the chair from moving around. The other thought is to just get a little throw rug and tuck it under the chair. I've done that with two chairs in our family room in an attempt to save the floors.

Molly said...

Nice chair and it looks so comfy! And I agree with Carol--find someone to make new legs. Thanks for Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally
That does look like a really comfortable chair. I can see your problem. Can the wheels come out of the bottom of the legs? Sometimes they can. Maybe then if they sit on something flatter they might not roll? Thats too bad.

Hope you are having a good day.
Thank you for hosting Blue Monday.

Susan Hickam said...

I don't have any thing new to add to what to do about the chair but I can see it is a keeper. I did get to post today-I can't figure out why it had my name on your blog last monday cause I didn't put it there! Bizarre.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

All I can suggest, is to look again for new legs! LOL! It is a great chair, though! :) ~Rhonda

Molly said...

Thanks for your help with the Blue Monday sticker/icon-y thing :-). It worked!

Anonymous said...

Hmm -- I don't know -- unless you want to go so far as replacing the legs. That might be more than what you want to get into, though.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sally, I am finally getting the energy to visit my blogging friends. The PT came today and worked me so hard. Then I decided to go grocery shopping with my dh. I came home and collapsed. My first outing and it was a mistake. Sigh. I need to get stronger.

Your chair looks very comfy. My sister has rollers on her dining room chairs and I know what you mean about a ride when you least expect it. Not fun. I can only suggest new legs, but thats a given.

I haven't visited much as yet, but I think your Blue Monday is taking off. Nice idea Sally.


Peggy said...

Hi, Sally, I'm a new blogger who learned about Blue Monday on BJ's Sweet Nothings blog and decided to join in the fun.

About your chair, perhaps you could either glue or tie on some of that rubber mesh that is used to keep rugs from slipping. I'm not sure how long it would hold up, but it might work!

Elizabeth said...

For your chair, how about shoving a shim between the roller and the wooden foot of the chair? Try doing just 2 at first.

Susanne said...

Well broken in comfy chairs are the best. Have you tried googling for some chair legs in the internet?

nikkicrumpet said...

hmmm I'm wondering if you can use either hot glue or some other kind of glue in the creases where the roller ball is...if you gum it up good it won't be able to roll. Gorilla glue might work pretty well but it foams up REALLY bad so be careful if you use it. Good luck!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I have no suggestions of my own but I like Nikki's. Happy blue Monday to you!!

Does have the monday blues count?

CC said...

Thanks for hosting Blue Mondays..I love the idea and I love that comfy chair..

Greyscale Territory said...

Love the idea of a blue cosy chair! Great pics!

Apologies that my posting is so late! But hope you enjoy!