Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #90

I spotted this on the right at Brian's blog and dragged it over here just for your laugh-of-the-day!

Janet hosts Friday Fill-Ins. You can visit her here.

1. There is no need to rush. I'm retired!

2. Where did the years go? Today, Brittany is eighteen, and Zachary is sixteen!

3. Blogging is all I managed to do.

4. Prospects for the future look very good. I am a fortunate person.

5. Forgiveness is the message I must learn.

6. Simplicity and tranquility are are rare things to find around here.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to celebrating two grandchildren's birthdays, tomorrow my plans include church, and Sunday I want to go to small group, celebrate Andres' birthday, and read SOME of the newspaper!

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Yvonne said...

Have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

I'm celebrating my granddaughter's birthday today as well. :) My daughter's name is Brittainy.

Rush is all I feel like I am doing.

take care,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sally
I like your plan! You sound happy and relaxed and you are all set for some children's birthday celebrations. Those will be happy times too! I hope you find good things to catch up on the newspaper too.

Enjoy your weekend.

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Sally,
Sounds like your in for a fun weekend. Wish I could say I don't have to rush. Have a nice day! ~ Robyn

Lynda said...

Hope your grandchildren have a great birthday!
My answers are here:

Jeanne said...

Sally I have enjoyed your post today and your fill-ins definitely reveal some things about you. You love your family and they are the reason you find happiness each day. Time is fleeting and that is something we all can't deny. Relaxing is good and life is easier because of retirement.
To sum it up, 'life is good. Smile.'

I do not know why your computer cuts the photograph but my friend's computer does the same thing. ????

Hugs, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
I hope you have a great weekend. Have fun at your parties.

bj said...

You are right...I think ELVIS was the Daddy of Rock and Roll. There were so many great artists around that time and they all played a part in it, I think.
Buddy was NEVER as well known as Elvis and never as popular.
Oh, I was so in luv with Elvis and only got to see him in person one time. I screamed so hard that night, my throat was sore for a solid week!! :O)
love, bj

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend! LOL at the Reese pictures!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I will have to try this later. Have a great weekend Sally.

Desert Diva said...

Ah retirement - it must be nice.

Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Janet said...

hahahah that's GREAT!!! At first I was looking at it, going...oh, isn't Photoshop amazing, then I got it ;-)

Forgiveness...yeah...that's a tough one for many folks.

Thanks for playing :-)

Cindy Swanson said...

Great FF! I'm going to try to participate today as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my TT!

To get into "Lost," you'd need to rent season one on DVD. I'm convinced that most people will be hooked if they watch the pilot episode!

Gone said...

Thanks for the visit...and the comments.

Hootin' Annie said she liked said you liked the first version and Tom and I like the 2nd version the best!!!

To each their own.

teabird said...

Simplicity and tranquility are rare, period!

Here's mine.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the birthday parties.

Happy FF and thanks for visiting my blog!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet grandbabies! :)

So...when I mentioned site trackers, I was just talking about Sitemter or Statcounter, or something similar, that tracks the visitors that come by. Are you familiar with that?

ShannonW said...

Happy birthday to both of your grandchildren.

Forgiveness can be a hard thing to learn.

Sherrie said...

Your #2 is the same for me. My son had his 38th birthday this year, but I can still remember when he was a little guy. The years seem to fly by!! Take Care!!


Creative Writing Club said...

Sounds like you have a lot of celebrations of life planned this weekend-what fun!
Thanks for visiting my Friday Fill-in!

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

Have fun at the birthday celebrations! I have 2 granddaughters who will have birthdays very soon (Nov. & Dec.)

Thanks for visiting my Fill-ins!