Friday, July 18, 2008

Red Ants Damage Air Conditioner!

When we arrived home from our trip, our house felt like an oven. We weren't too surprised as we had set the air conditioner on 85 before we left. Why cool an empty house and pay high electric bills?

We turned the thermostat to a more normal temperature and waited, but it didn't cool. We could feel warm air blowing, but not cool air. After five hours (who says we're not patient people?) we called the air conditioner repair man.

Red ants had moved into our air conditioner, making it their home. They had even hung drapes! After $170 of labor and parts, our home is once again comfortable.

On a side note: we had a full bottle of red ant poison on the shelf in the garage. That must be good stuff; we did not find one red ant any where around that bottle!

Have you experienced red ants?


BooksPlease said...

Oh how dreadful!! I can't stand garden ants, but red ants - ugh! We came home from holiday once to find the house full of flies - there'd been a power cut and the freezer had defrosted - it was terrible.

Anonymous said...

They are annoying little pests. We have never had them in the house but they build homes in the cracks of the pavement. Stop over to my blog because I have something for you.

Floranet said...

Extremely Amazing work!!