Friday, September 5, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Yesterday I hit post number 100! Keeping with the custom of Blogland, I have a giveaway. Check it out.

I live in the land of the Miami Dolphins. This year, we have a new coach and practically a new team. There's trepidation mixed with excitement as we gear up for this football season!

Our daughter graduated from FSU--Go Noles! That same daughter married a man who graduated from Auburn--War Eagles! They live in Gainesville--Go Gators!--where two of her four homeschool children (ages 15 and 18) attend college. Our son is a FSU fan, who married into a FSU family. And, to top it off, my husband likes University of Miami--Go Canes! I'm saturated here!

Me? I'd rather read a good book. Even if you never watch football, this video is you. It's for all lovers of America, football, and the formation of the planes that flyover a stadium at a precise time. Imagine what it means to the players, the fans, and the people in the planes. This is awesome footage!

I never realized just how much tedious planning went into it to get the exact right moment: the last note of the National Anthem. Please come back to leave a comment if you enjoy it.


Unknown said...

Well we up here in North Floridag love College Football......Go Noles!

Jaime said...

I love football and a good stadium flyover! The planes are always bigger than I expect them to be.

I guess I'll have to forgive you for being a 'Canes fan :-) Go VT!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Having been born and raised in Packerland (before moving South)...I am ready for some football (but don't get my guys started on the Farve thing.)

Anonymous said...

Morning, Sally! I'm not a football fan or neither is Mr. Precious! Hallelujah! I know some 'live' for their football! I'll just pass on the football. Have I ever told you how clever I was. Did you read my little football pun? After all, you're the only one who caught my 'bathroom business' joke. Now I have to use it during my Divaship moments as much as I can and then I'm thinking of you for recognizing it!!
Have a beautiful day and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Killlashandra said...

I admit I did not watch the video. But then I'm married to a man who went to college on a football scholarship. So whenever there is football on, he's watching it and dissecting each and every place. I've learned more about football in the last several years than I ever imagined. Truth be told, I don't even like football. And I've told him, but it doesn't matter.

This is one of those times when smiling and nodding comes into play. LMAO

nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks for linking to the video. It was fascinating...I never stopped to think about how much planning goes into one of those fly overs. I had season tickets to the BYU cougars for 20 years...and I've seen my share of flyovers in person...I always get a lump in my throat. The video did that to me when they showed one of the coaches trying not to cry. I love football...but sure miss getting to watch my college team.

Susanne said...

Your I'd rather read a good book comment made me LOL. Too funny!

Coloradolady said...

Sally, that video was great. Thanks for posting that. I know several people here are just sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for this weekend. My husband is really not one of them, he could take it or leave it...I am the one who likes football. But I can take it or leave it as well. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
I know football season is upon us. My family goes nuts about it. I have no choice in the matter. The Dallas Cowboys was my favorite team for years and I loved watching the Miami Dolphins when Jimmy Johnson was coach. Those Lions are so pathetic :>( All of us girls in our family tease the guys about them. I love college football! Let's go blue!

Jeanne said...

Sally, you just hit a mother lode of gator fans here. My dh graduated from UF, three of our children graduated, as well as each of their spouses.LOL I am surrounded. We have season tickets, as do our children. Gator football, as well as basketball. etc. is major in this family. My dh is knocking himself out, figuring how he can make the games and still take care of me. We have had our tickets since 1990.

My parents attended UM games years ago. My son, not a graduate of UF loves the Hurricanes. I was born in MI. but at nine moved to FL. and was raised in Miami, as was my dh. My dad's youngest brother attended UM. bur did not finish there. My dh has his Masters in business and engineering at UM. He did that after we had five children. His job was in Miami at the time.

I think I just wrote a book. smile. You had to ask???

Question for you. Is one of the sisters missing in the photo? Jan said Jane Anne was not seen on her computer. Weird.

Have a great day, Jeanne

Cathy said...

Hi, Sally,
The only time I ever watch football is during the Super Bowl. I usually think I need to watch it to see what the big deal is. :o) That was a great video. I sent it to a friend. have a great day.

Jeanne said...

Sally, I just came back to tell you the flyover video was amazing. We have witnessed many of those over the years and it is a thrilling moment every time.

Great idea for the football season hoopla. Are you sure there isn't a tad of football love in your heart? Smile

Hugs, Jeann

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Dear Smiling One! Well, we didn't have much of a spring this year ~ a couple of very nice weeks and then it got HOT!! Yeppers, we have lots of problems are there here parts with the ole allergies! Mold, certain trees, grass...all the wonderful ones. I am especially attracted to the mold spores!! That gets me everytime. Now, darlin', that's your lesson today on Texas Gulf Coast Allergies. There will be a test in a couple of hours! LOL
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

You know I meant to say "around these here parts"...see, the allergies are messing with my little brain!!

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Grandma Faith said...

I'm a high school football fan. My grandson had his first game last night. They lost, but he played well. I surely did enjoy the video clip you shared. Everybody ought to see that. Thanks for sharing it.

bj said...

I am soooo not a football fan...UNLESS one of the grandsons is playing and then that is a whole new story !! haha
Bill loves football and never misses either seeing one or listening to one when our home team of TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY plays. Like you, I would rather be reading or better yet...BLOGGING.

bj said...

Me again...I meant to tell you that I will have two postings on Monday...Blue Monday and also Enchanting Windows. This doesn't happen too often but the good thing is that we can do as many postings each day as we wish !
It should be a fun Monday with all this going on.

artis1111 said...

The Tennessee Vols are it here. I just don't like football and neither does hubby. The girls at the beauty shop wear the orange. When Ky plays Tn. I wear blue, just to aggrevate . Kathy

Salmagundi said...

Oh, no, not football again! I'm still suffering through baseball season. Thank goodness, I always have a good book to read when sports is on TV. Sally

Salmagundi said...

Me again--- I checked out your anniversary blogs - we really do have so much in common. Commitment is a great thing. I wonder if a lot of young people understand that these days? Sally

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I only watch super bowl,Canada is all about hockey at least at my end of the world!

Dawn said...

I'm not a football fan here. My husband will watch the Patriots every now and then and my son has no interest.

It sounds like your family has quite a few fans!!! I hope they enjoy the season.

take care,

Alice said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm not a football fan - I don't anyone in my family likes football. We're weird. I know. LOL.

Unknown said...

Hi Sally,
I may be the only one on the planet, but I could care less about football...the only games I went to were the ones when my daughter was a cheerleader. And I never understood the game.

Beverly said...

I am a sports fan.

Dolphins for pro football - Hurricanes for college football

Boston Celtics for pro basketball -
Duke for college basketball

Yankees for baseball

Got teams!!!

melissa said...

I can so relate to this. We have one boy at FSU another in Gainesville, my husband and I both went to UF, my brother to FSU and I am like you ....would much rather read a book than watch any of the games! ;)