Monday, September 29, 2008

Blue Monday - Houses

My favorite color is blue, so I thought, "Why not have a Blue Monday?"

Every Monday, I'll have a blue post, and I'd like to invite you to participate. To participate all you need do is:

1. Post about something blue on a Monday. It can be pretty, ugly, funny, old, or new as long as it's blue. You decide if you want to skip a week and play the next week, or if you want to play every week.

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Sound like fun? Gather up your blue items and ideas, and we'll play together. Here's my offering for today.
Although Blue is my favorite color, it is not the color of the exterior of my home. However, it is used for exterior house paint in South Florida. I said all of that because I posted once on pink houses, and someone thought that it was my house. The houses pictured here are not mine.

This home owner used blue for the garage door and the trim on the house.

A different shade of blue was used for this trim.

Here is an example of three different shades of blue: house, garage door, and shutters.

This house is in my neighborhood, and I must admit, I love the soft blue used.

However, this home owner uses a more vivid blue; he does not have the same taste as I do.

Why, he even painted his mailbox blue to match his house! (The rust color on the bottom is from well water.)

Here's one house that's blue with white trim. Now remember, we can do ugly blue too. Get ready!

This blue house with white trim house is in the running for the ugliest blue house I've ever seen! Even the rock trim was painted. The red bench does not help! They have neighbors with different tastes; notice the yellow house next door.

Clearly, this house takes the prize for the most horrible use of blue paint! Notice the red door. What were they thinking?

I hope that you were able to have a chuckle today with my tour of South Florida blue homes.

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ellen b. said...

Oh what fun your blue house tour was but a couple of them really hurt to look at :0)
Have a great Monday. I travel back to LA tomorrow and if I can't get around to "Blue" tomorrow I'll try to catch everyone on Tuesday!

Unknown said...

Yikes! It does make you wonder. maybe I should take a pic of the house I drive by frequently that is painted three different colors. Some one could not make up their minds but this house has paint SPLOTCHES in three different colors. It's quite hideous!

Life on the Edge said...

My last house was blue. I loved the color. It was a blue-gray color and exactly the color of the autumn sky, which is exactly the effect I wanted. I had cream color trim. I don't miss the house, but I do miss the color. It was awesome in the fall with the autumn colors, but it was also great with summer flowers too.

What a fun post seeing other blue houses! As for what they were thinking, why, they thought they were oh so tasteful and their houses were beautiful! LOL


Unknown said...

I've been taking blue house pictures, too! Big difference in style and color from FL, being in MA! I'll post them in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

My house is blue/gray and I didn't think about it as a blue Monday post. You reminded me. It was interesting to see the style of homes as well as the variety of blues. Thanks for the fun tour.

Kathy b

Coloradolady said...

I made it this week!! YAH....

I too love the soft blue house. What a calming place that looks like to live. Love the houses posted today. It's funny, all the shades of blue that is out there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sally!

Now I found Miser Linky :)
We have also many blue houses nowadays. I will take photos for coming "Blues".

It`s interesting to see so very different blue color nuances in the houses.
Have a happy wee, Sally!

Anonymous said...

My blue post is in URL:


Gemma Wiseman said...

Enjoyed the tour of the blue part of your neighbourhood! Really outstanding! For me, it was intersting too to see the house styles there!

Thanks for the peek!

Bridget said...

Wow, a couple of those were pretty shocking. Funny what a slight difference in shade can make.

Anonymous said...

Oh those last two were shockers! Some of the other softer blues were really nice! Happy blue Monday!

bj said...

I love certain shades of blue but not all. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....
Thanks for the nice, BLUE tour and thanks again for hosting this fun way to start our week.
love, bj

Dawn said...

I like lots of those shades of blue. Most didn't really look bad to me at all. To each his own I guess.

THanks for the tour.

take care,

Sweetie said...


What a fun tour of blue houses. I must confess, our house is blue - and I love it. To be polite, some of those blue houses were "unique" but to each his/her own. Thanks for hosting Blue Monday.

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Blue Monday, the sky was blue this morning before it becomes grey. Ble is a fine color common to the Finnish and French flag.

Grandma Faith said...

I enjoyed the tour of blue homes. I love living in Florida most of the time. Boring me, though, my house is white. Have a happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we were on the same wave length with houses, only mine aren't real. :-)

Some of those are nice, some...aren't to my tastes, either. :-)

Baba said...

Good morning Sally, I love the way the homes in Florida are painted.. it makes them look so happy and house is a light blue/gray color.I will have to take some pictures of my home and show them later..

Thanks for sharing all of these houses with us today.
Hugs, Baba

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sally
That was a good display of Blue Monday showing blue houses! You certainly found a lot of them too and so different. I liked some of them and like you some were not my taste either.
Thank you for sharing

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I so love new visitors. Boy things are BLUE in your neighborhood!! smile!! I love Blue but these blues. Our home is a steel blue color and not really the color I would have picked BUT!! Nice to meet you..Sandy

Susan Hickam said...

I guess some people just really like colors that "pop" while other people like more subtle shades. I find it interesting there were no 2 story houses in the bunch. Is the one story house more popular in Florida?

Kim said...

Hi Sally,

Loved the blue house tour. Some were good, some were bad and some were very bad :) Being a PINK girl myself, blue has not always been one of my favorite colors but I am beginning to enjoy the softer shades of blue more and more all the time and it is slowly creaping into my house to blend in with all my pink. Take care.

Neabear said...

Thanks for the tour of blue houses. Having visited Florida several times, I recognize the styles in your pictures. Thanks for the fun.

Picket said...

Morning girl...Happy Blue Monday...I don't think I could paint my house might end up like the last few in that post! lol lol But I use to have everything blue in my house back years ago..there are certain shades of blues that are just so pretty to look at...thanks for coming by sweetie and if I lived close enough to you...I'd make you some chicken salad! lol Have you try using one of those little chopping jars that Wal-Mart use to carry" It is just a clear little glass jar put you ingredient in it and put the lid on that has a blade thing in it...then you just take you hand and pump it up and down a few time and everything is chopped perfect..if all else fails...tell a neighbor you will give them a croissant (just one!) if they will do some chopping for you! lol Take care girl and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
The different shades of blue on the houses was interesting. I can see why people would love a blue or pink house.It remainds me of summer and Florida is such a sun shine state. Blue is a nice and calming color most of the time. I hope you have a lovely day. I can't wait to get back to read everyones post.

Kat Mortensen said...

I only knew "Blue Monday" as a New Order song from the 80s, but when I saw your link on Eleanor's Thatchwick Cottage blog, I had to stop in. I have a trio of bluejays that hang out in my backyard and I will try and write a small poem about them before the day is out.

I loved your "blue house tour". I hope you can visit Poetikat's and enjoy some of my poetry and other goodies.


Anne Fannie said...

Hello Sally
What a perfect post for Blue Monday...Blue Houses! I have never had a blue house.
Happy Blue Monday!
Love, Ann

Jeanne said...

Sally, it was so early this morning, you are right, I didn't link in. Your blue houses are fun to see. Personally I can't imagine a blue house except for my Aunt Shirley's very old Victorian home in MI. Blue looks awesome on her home. A lot of those homes are from the fifties. I know because I grew up in a house like those.
Real modern slanted roof and tar and stone roofs. My parents lived in that house for over thirty years. My dad was a contractor and built it. It cost a whopping $5,000. We had six kids and one bathroom. lol. We never thought a thing about it. I know my brother would sneak out and go in the bushes from time to time. After all he had 5 sisters to contend with. lol.

Love and hugs, Jeanne

Molly said...

Hi Sally! I loved looking at all the blue houses, too. What a great idea for Blue Monday! Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

I like the house with the mailbox. Happy blue monday and thanks so much for hosting..CC

Cathy said...

Very interesting blue houses, Sally ~
Blue is my favorite color too.

Salmagundi said...

It appears that blue is a happy color in Florida. Can't wait to see what you come up with next Blue Monday. Sally

Eleanor said...

I must say I cannot think of a single blue house in any of the neighbourhoods I have lived in for the last 30 years! But at Camps Bay where I grew up, the little wooden cabins right on the beach were painted blue.

Oh, and I apologise, I participated in Blue Monday but I cheated! You will see if you visit the blog. Next week - I will keep strictly to the rules. Love Eleanor

Mojo said...

I never met a photo meme I didn't like. I should've known if there was a Ruby Tuesday, there had to be a Blue Monday. The title alone should've given it away.
And since I already had a perfect shot for the theme uploaded to my Picasa account, what better time to make my debut?
Submitted for your approval, I give you my first.

Kat Mortensen said...

Sorry about that Sally. I didn't catch your directions. I have a "Blue Monday" post up now, but it may not be what you're expecting.


imjacobsmom said...

Interesting use of blue...such variety. My least favorite is the aqua trim. The soft blue is my fav. ~ Robyn

Unknown said...

Hi Sally
Thanks for the tour, and thanks for hosting blue monday. Hopefully I'll have time to get around to everyone. Hope your day is a great one.

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Pretty cool finding all those homes with blue...even the not so pretty!

Sal, I forgot to leave my name and blog address to let you know that I did blue Monday. I did do a post on my blog for it. I am having difficulty getting the bluejay to work correctly. Maybe you could help me. I tried to literally drag it but it wouldn't work. I copied the address and it didn't show up correctly either. hugs, Ellen

Ellen at