Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Patches the horse

This past Thursday I hit post number 100. Keeping with the custom of the land, I have a giveaway. If you haven't yet entered, check it out.

Angie, one of America's best authors, at A Life in Pages, had this amazing video of a horse riding in a car, watching TV, answering the phone--all sorts of things! Click on the video screen to see for yourself.

Patches died in 2006, but it would appear that he had a full life.

Now, the question for the day: do you have a pet? What trick(s) can your pet do?


Dawn said...

Patches certainly was a part of the family!!!

We have a beta fish, Lucky. He does no tricks that we are aware of!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sally
hmmmm I don't know but the video is blank on my screen. I will try it later on.

I don't have a pet right now but I did have a lhasa apso and a doberman at the same time. The llasa apso was a clever 5 years old when the doberman pup came into the house. Missy the lhasa would herd Jasmine the Doberman, to teach her. Missy made sure Jasmine didn't come into the diningroom when we were eating...or too close to the kitchen table when we were eating. Missy remembered what she was taught and that was not even to look at us..*grinning* when we were eating...NO begging, and she didn't.

When the much bigger Jasmine would come sauntering over, Missy would give her a little squak and nip (though she never bit) and Jasmine would remember and leave the room.
It was so funny.

Have a very lovely day.

Margie said...

What a hilarious video! Oh my goodness, I just can't stop laughing!

I'll bet Patches owners miss him terribly! I'm sure there is a big hole in their lives.

The dog we have now, McDuff, he rings a bell when he must go potty (he also uses it to get our attention, tell us when he wants to go for a walk, when he wants us to eat our evening snack [so he can have some of it!]) he's very comical. Sometimes he just taps the bell lightly, especially if we're sitting right there, but other times when he's mad at us or really wants our attention he slams the bell.

Our other dog, whose no longer with us, didn't like the phone. When it rang, he would walk over to it, lift the receiver with his nose, and let it fall back down, thus hanging up on the person who was calling. It was not always easy to explain to the person why I slammed the phone down on them! Most people would laugh, but some never did understand! tee hee!

Glad you shared this video, I need a good laugh this morning!


Anonymous said...

Morning sweet Smiling One!! Oh, my goodness! Someone had too much time on their hands in training that horsie!! Well, you know I have my most adorable Chloe Dawn! She begs for food very well and her best trick is she has Mr. Precious and me wrapped completely around her little black paw!!

Yes, you did say "Duck!" Looks like they think Ike may be turning a little to the south of us. We just have to be ready.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I think this is a trick post to get me to faint from excitement because someone asked me to post a comment about my PET! Zoe! Ha. About the meme--I say pick and choose. It's your blog!

Anonymous said...

I have seen that video before. it's absolutely amazing! Charli knows lot's of tricks. She can sit, stand, beg, give her paw to shake hands, give kisses and hugs, get her baby, roll over, and play dead all on command. Her biggest claim to fame however is knowing just how to get her own way with my husband and I.

Jeanne said...

Sally, I had to play that twice. What an amazing pony. I had to show it to my dh. Very entertaining.


Unknown said...

I can't see the video here at work, will have to check it out from home. We have 3 dogs - a lab, an American Stafforshire Terrier and a pit mix with greyhound we think. They all have their own personalities but I don't think I would consider any of their antics tricks. But we love them dearly!

Grandma Faith said...

That video was just plain precious. I never would have imagined a horse like Patches. We have no pets living with us, but we do have grand-dogs who come to visit.

bj said...

o, my goodness...that is the funniest thing. i am sorry he died!

We don't have a pet at this time but have had lots of dogs when our kids were home. None that could go down in history as a trick dog, I'm afraid.

artis1111 said...

I have three but this is about my late mothers dog. Mom just had one good ear so when she fell asleep on the good ear watching soaps, she could not hear the phone or doorbell. The dog would wake mom when either went off. Dad had passed away so mom was alone .This really helped when someone came to the door. Kathy

Debbie said...

We have a Basset Hound. A Big lazy lump of long-eared Basset Hound. His name is Monroe. He is not very bright. He puts his nose to the ground and follows a scent forever. I read somewhere once a Basset Hound fell down a manhole following a scent.
He's not too good at tricks, but he'll "sit" for a dog biscuit.

imjacobsmom said...

Oh Boy, You asked for it! As you know, I am a schnauzer person. They are so smart. They act like you can just talk to them and they respond. My dog has an ear infection now and I just say to him. Get your ear over here and I will clean it out for you. And he comes running. I tell him if you take this pill I'll give you a piece of cheese and he just takes his little pill. It's so cute! He is the "schnauzer Alarm" for Jacob in the morning. I just call out "Schnauzer Alarm" and he bolts up the stairs and hops on Jacob's bed and wakes him up! I don't want "snoot prints" on the window glass so I tell him not to do it - don't put that snoot on the glass. He won't. When the pizza guy comes to the door I tell him to "Put it in reverse" and he backs up. I could go on and on....Robyn

Patty said...

I've seen the Patches video before and it's always fun to watch. (My source for cute videos and photos is Cute Overload.) I only have a 15 yr old Shih Tzu now. Maggie doesn't really do any tricks but she is pretty smart. If she wants a vitamin, she scratches at the cupboard where the vitamin bottle is kept. And, before she lost her hearing we had to spell certain words so she wouldn't know what we were talking about.

Cathy said...

I have seen that before. It was really cute.

Killlashandra said...

Patches looks a bit like a pony, probably why he fit in the car. :)

Other than Samson sticking his tongue out at me when I took his picture one time, our animals are fairly normal in their begging for attention whenever possible. :)