Sunday, June 15, 2008

He's Number One!

Johnny gets the vote from me for #1 Father. They say that the proof is in the pudding; we have two grown children, a daughter, Debi and a son, Allen. Both are people of whom we are proud: Christian, law-abiding citizens of this world. Both are parents: Debi has four children and Allen has three, and both have brought their children up in the same manner. All seven grandchildren have accepted Christ as their savior!

Johnny worked hard to earn a living for his family. At one time, he worked three jobs! He knows how to laugh and have a good time; people like him. While the children were quite small, Johnny took us to church (didn't make us go or send us). Each evening, we'd have family devotions--even when teenage guests spent the night. Talk about rolled eyes!

One of the most important things that this #1 Father has done in his lifetime, is to love the mother of his children--me! For almost half a century, I have been secure in the love of this good man, and I say that he is #1. Who gets your vote for #1?

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all day (allen d) said...

Mine would, obviously. be the same!