Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'd Like to Hear from You. Really!

I'm new at this blogging, so bear with me. Several of my friends and family members have blogs--mostly people younger than me, and I've read quite a few of them. When I first began to read blogs, I did not leave a comment--even when I had an opinion--which is most of the time! I felt that comments might bother the blogger, and that I would be a bit out of place. "Is it really the right thing to do," I wondered. Once in a while, however, I gave in to the urge to express myself and I left a comment.

When one person, mentioned how WONDERFUL she felt because I'd left a comment on her blog, I really didn't understand her excitement. I began to grasp the worth of commenting. Since then, I've commented all over town! Sometimes, I've felt a tad guilty at hogging all the action since it appeared that not too many others left comments. I've asked a few bloggers about letting up, but they've confirmed that I should continue.

Now that I have my own blog, I realize how empty it is to have so few leave comments. It feels as if my stuff isn't being read. On the other hand, I love getting remarks left; it encourages me and makes me happy to be included in a discussion.

Several people have actually written me an email after looking at my blog! I am shaking my head; isn't it easier to leave a comment? Or perhaps they don't know that just clicking on the word, "comment" will open up a little window that will enable them to tell me what they think. Fewer keystrokes.

This is your chance: PLEASE leave a comment and tell me why you usually do/don't leave comments.


Heather Palacios said...

I hear ya, sistah! Comments mean alot because my blog is the platform of encouragement that GOd's given me. I pray before I blog, I pray after I post...all the while, praying that God's words that i typed for him encourage another. So comments are, in a way, answered prayers : )

SmilingSally said...

"answered prayers" Beautifully put!

Suey said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog and actually leaving a comment! I agree with everything you've said here. I'm getting better at the comment thing, but the reasons I don't leave comments sometimes are:
-too shy
-nothing interesting pops in my head
- too many other comments and I'm lost in the crowd

Anway. Great post on comments. I too wish more people would let me know they've been by. So hopefully you've enjoyed this now way too long comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. =) I agree - writing posts is fun, but reading comments is the best part! I often don't leave comments for the same reasons Suey gave. Mostly because I can't think of anything to say. Which is silly really, because I love getting even short, simple comments. The thing that most motivates me to leave one is when the post is about something I'm a crazy fan of, hehe.

Anonymous said...

I don't always have a lot to say here. So that's the main reason I don't comment. Sometimes I read posts and have to digest them or sometimes it might not be a subject in which I am particularly interested or about which I know anything. So I don't also want to seem stupid...but thanks for stopping by my blog earlier tonight and commenting. So here's back at you. :)