Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer TV

With summer, comes some weird reality television programming. One network offers a program where contestants are humiliated and bruised. Wipe Out and I Survived A Japanese Game Show are perfect examples. No, I will not watch; the commercials are enough! Like American Idol, (which I have watched, but not this season) America's Got Talent allows some painful performances. Surely those untalented contestants could/should have been weeded out. The Baby Borrowers might be a good lesson learned for teens who feel that having babies is an easy task, but at whose expense? Real babies are involved! Animal Cops highlights animal abuse. (In the course of the program, animals are rescued, so there is some redeeming quality and a happier ending.)

I simply am not able to watch abuse, even if the end of the program has a happy ending. I'll admit that I'm a wimp. Cops and robber shows have actually given me nightmares! I can't understand child abuse, wife abuse, animal abuse, or just plain meanness.

Therefore, I no longer will watch programs that contain abuse, and I do not choose to read about it in newspapers, magazines, or books. That said, I'm glad that there are such things offered for others to watch and/or read about, in the hope that with exposure, comes some relief for the victim(s).

Are you able to watch these programs?

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