Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Mornings

Today is Wednesday, and my husband is playing golf. Golf is so important that I must plan our schedule around Wednesday morning golfing sessions. Let a person TRY to suggest an appointment for a Wednesday morning, and he'll growl, "No. That's when I play golf!" Imagine! He's not even a doctor!

I can never understand why anyone would golf. Exercise? All while riding a golf cart. Why making a small, white round object fit into a not-much-larger hole in the ground should be a satisfying way to spend a perfectly good morning, I cannot comprehend, but Johnny has been "practicing" this hobby for over twenty years.

Ever so often, we buy new, guaranteed-to-shave-off-strokes, specialized golf balls or a club. Johnny will play that Wednesday, and when he returns home, I'll ask, "What did you shoot?"

He'll reply, and the number seems never to go down. However, he'll claim that the new golf balls or club is wonderful and worth every penny!

Any suggestions on ways to lower that golf score? He'd love you forever.