Saturday, June 21, 2008

Please Don't Feed the Bears Ducks

I'm a fortunate woman; I live on a lake. In fact, this is our second home on a lake. When we were planning to move to the first lake home, my mother argued, "Why would you spend the extra money to live on a lakefront property? You don't swim. You don't fish. You don't go boating. What will you DO with a lake?"

"I'll look at it," I answered. And I have. Every day for the past thirty years, I look at the lake and say out loud--or think to myself, "Isn't it beautiful? Lord thank you for allowing me to live here." (sigh)

Today, I noticed about twenty-five baby ducklings, being led by Mama Duck out of the lake into my neighbor's backyard. She sat there, breaking bread up into baby duck bite-size pieces and tossed it toward the brood. I'm certain that she thinks that she was helping these ducklings, who were chomping away at a rapid rate. But they don't need her stale bread; they have plenty to eat. God provides for them. Have you ever seen a skinny duck? Why, the ones around here can barely walk! And, we all know that what goes in, must come out--and it's slimy!

How do you feel about feeding ducks?


by Troy Gramling said...

Just found your blog Sally ... Welcome to Blogville...Glad you are here!

Lauren DiStefano said...

Ha! thanks for the description of slimy duck poo. I cannot stand when people feed the ducks. They are just going to come back for more. How annyoing.

Heather Palacios said...

GREAT story. Kept me engaged and wanting more! Do you have a Please Don't Feed the Ducks" part 2 for us?