Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Nose Tells Me . . .

What is your favorite smell? When I was a child, one of my favorite things to smell was a match, just after it was blown out. I still enjoy that.

My family went to Hershey's Park, PA where the smell of chocolate permeates the air for miles around. Closer to the factory, it is quite pronounced. As we walked through the door of the factory, I began to fill my lungs with the delightful odor. However, my sister frowned and said, "Uh, that smell!" Not her favorite.

I've heard some people say the smell of fumes (as gasoline is being pumped into the tank) is a delightful odor. I don't care for that one.

But my favorite smell is the smell of newly mowed grass! Driving along, I have been known to roll down my window on the hottest of days if I see yardmen riding their machines.

What smell delights your senses?


Jane said...

Oh that heavenly chocolate smell!

I have a "smell" story. My children's great grandmother passed away right at the ages when they realized what death was but too young to put it into perspective. They missed their Grandma but the death part really scared them. They were having nightmares and nothing I said about Heaven seemed to help.

One day we drove past a donut shop and the smell of warm donuts permeated the air. Everyone was oohing and ahhing and I said, "You smell that? That's what Heaven smells like. Donuts."

They finally had a happy connotation with death and Heaven and never had another nightmare.

all day (allen d) said...

mine would be cake. When we were selling our house someone told us when people were coming by to see it that we should have a cake in the oven. They said the house would sell quicker. They were right.

the designer said...

i love the way yellow cake mix smells when it is baking.
I also loved the way my three daughters smelled when they were little and fresh from a warm bath. they always cuddled up with me as I read them a book and their hair always smelled so wonderful.

Stacie said...

Welcome to Bloggerville! Great stuff. I'll be staying connected. Keep it up.