Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Topic of Interest Tag

Donna at Shimmymom tagged me with the Topics of Interest Tag. There are no questions, just a list of topics that require you to say what you think about them. When I finish with this one, you'll know everything about me.

I like clothes and often wear them. In fact, I have a closet full. I wear mostly slacks and blouses. That's "shirts" to you youngsters. In MY day, a shirt was worn by a man, and since I'm definitely NOT a man, I still wear blouses.

I like furniture too, and have a house full of it. I have beds, chairs, and tables, and I use them every day. We were young and poor when we first married. We rented a furnished apartment. I bought my furniture a piece at a time, and I bought quality, so I still have it. And, it's still beautiful; traditional/classic does not go out of style. Every now and again, I do reupholster some things. The only furniture that I can see us replacing would be the sofa and chair set in our family room as it gets used the most. It took me eleven years to find the "right" coffee/end tables for that room, so you can understand that I'm not changing them. I will say, though that my favorite daughter-in-law has told me she wants those pieces when I'm finished using them! Now, don't go jumping on her; that's a compliment to me.

Now you're talking! I'm a sweetaholic. My favorite is Baskin Robbins Pralines 'n Cream ice cream. However, I'll enjoy cake, cookies, candy--oh you name it; I'll scarf it down. Funny, but I don't like chocolate (so I'm either not female or not alive.) Brownies are the exception; I do like brownies. Hmm. My loving sweets might just be the reason I'm not thin.

I am a city girl. I was raised in Washington, D.C. and have lived in a big city all my life. I'd go nuts in a small town or in the country. I need the lullaby of jets soaring overhead to fall into a peaceful sleep!

I am a teetotaler; I do not drink any alcohol. My father drank enough for the both of us, and my childhood was difficult because of it. I've heard that 1 oz. of alcohol kills brain cells, and I can't afford to give any away. My favorite drink is Diet Sprite mixed with Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice. Yum.

I love music and listen to it often. My favorite type of music is 50's, but I enjoy listening to most any. You ladies have good taste, as far as I'm concerned because whenever I click on your blogs I enjoy what's playing. I'm usually be-bopping around here while I'm trying to read your posts and leave a comment.

I'm addicted to it.
I like Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Pushing Daisies. I no longer watch cops and robber shows.

I enjoy going to the movies, but I'm picky as to how I spend my time and money. Generally, I will not go to R-rated movies. Johnny likes action films--the kinds with cars flipping over. I prefer romantic comedies. We take turns tolerating the other's preferences. We've tried both Net Flix and Blockbusters, but ran out of films we wanted to view. I own no DVDs. I don't understand wanting to see something more than once. (I don't reread books either.)

I have two cups each morning with Creamora and Sweet 'n Low. If I drink any after noon, I don't sleep well. When I was younger, I drank the stuff whenever.

If you haven't done this one yet, you're tagged!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Sally... That was a very interesting tag... Loved your answers and it is always fun reading about our friends... I may put that into my I don't know what to blog folder... Of course I ususlly have a hard time bloggin...LOL LOL... Have a great day!


Darlene said...

That was a fun read about you. I LOVE many of the same TV shows! I also LOVE pralines n cream...YUMMY!! Hope you have a wonderful day today!

sara said...

that was fun reading about you!! I love me some Baskin Robbins too!! They left IN, so when we moved to AR and there was one here, I was elated!!!

Needled Mom said...

I can relate to many of your "Topics of Interest." It was agreat list and, yes, now we DO know more about you..... all good.

bj said...

Oh, Sweet Smiling Sally...i wanna play...i wanna play...this is so much fun and I laughed myself to death reading your accounts of all these things. You are such a hoot and start my day off with smiles and giggles!!!
I will do this one next week...I also have a posting coming up about that lovely book I won from your blog...I'll let you know just when it is scheduled...i've forgotten...
love, bj

Salmagundi said...

Loved learning more about you. This tag is interesting and I may try it later. Sally

Anonymous said...

Morning, Sweet Sallyness! See, I make up words too. I think I'm just rubbing off on you! :)Loved learning more about you!! Love your 'lady like' take on shirts!! lol Me, I wear 'tops'!
Be a sweetie and have a wonderful day,
Shelia :)

Shimmy Mom said...

Thanks for playing along Sally! It was fun to get to know you better.
We have bought our furniture very slowly as well.
I don't drink any alcohol at all either. It scares me. Sorry to hear about your dad drinking too much. I'm blessed that I got to learn that lesson from my friend's dad instead of my own.
I too am addicted to TV, I watch way more than I should. And lately I've been watching it way too late. (I've been trying to get some home-made gifts done and Jay Leno has just had me in stitches.)
Love Music, but then I couldn't Shimmy without it, so you probably knew that.
And I am a true sister as far as the ice cream goes. That's my drug of choice.
I must admit we do watch movies over again, especially my kids, so we have what seems like a never ending que on Netflixs and we own a lot of dvds.

As a total side note, I have to tell you, that it made me laugh that you called me Donna (my real name is Heatherann, but I never use real names on my blog, so I didn't expect you to know that.) I don't know who you've mixed me up with, but I have a cousin named Donna and we've been told that if I had blonde hair or if she had brown we would look like the same person. So it's quite a coink-idink that you said that. It gave me a chuckle.

Have a great day

Bridget said...

I wear them almost every day. lol
Furniture- I've had my bedroom set and dining room set for about 25 years and don't plan on changing them ever.
Sweets- I do like chocolate...too much!
City - I have the lullaby of jets soaring overhead every day!
Drink - I do drink a glass of wine with dinner. Brain cells? What are those?
Music - I love 60's and 70's rock.
TV - I could live without it but my daughter and husband have it on all of the time so I watch a lot of the same shows you do.
Film - I LOVE going to the movies and love romantic comedies. I don't watch something more than once or reread books either except for a very few.
Coffee - decaf only on occasion.

: ) bridget

Anonymous said...

I love your answer to "drink" -- my father was an alcoholic, and I want no part of the stuff. I can't afford to lose any brain cells, either!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally
I really enjoyed all your answers to this tag. So we sit and root through Dancing with the Stars together..*s*. I don't like that tonight is the last night...oh I love that show and I am going to miss them all.
Very interesting...and thank you for sharing.
Have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

That was a great tag, you and I are the same in that we don't like chocolate, I don't hate it but its not my first sweet choice not by a long shot.

Susie Q said...

What a fun list to do! I would like to use it soon myself...

I have a lot in common it seems. : )

I loved learning even more about you.


Anonymous said...

We sure did learn all about you! I'm so glad to know you wear clothes. You are a funny lady. Enjoyed your answers.

Kathy b

Dawn said...

That was a fun one Sally! I liked reading your answers. I am not a fan of chocolate plain but mix it with caramel and nuts and I'm all over it LOL!

I'll have to give this one a try.

take care,

Anonymous said...

Sally, another day off and running. Therapy is still going on and I am so tired of the time it takes. My days go by so fast. Anyway I do think I know you better after reading your meme with words. I am excited about watching Dancing With the Stars tonight. I picked Brook to win from the beginning. We'll see.

Thanks for your comment today. I always enjoy what you have to say.


nikkicrumpet said...

I like this tag...lots of info and we get to know you better. I'm with you on the "dancing with the stars" It starts in just a few minutes!!! YAY

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Sally; Thank you for the visit and the kind comment... Well now I do know you much better. When I read some of these QanA's we are all not that different from each other with our likes and dislikes. You are a wonderful person and great friend..

Happy Thanksgiving;

Cathy said...

Very interesting thoughts, Sally, and you had me laughing from the beginning. Also your pictures are cute!