Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blogger Beverly

Beverly is a blogger who shares. She conducts a meme called Pink Saturday and another What's My Question Wednesday.

Beverly shares the Tree Of Happiness award. "You have just received the tree of happiness. It is scarcely a small plant, which depends on you to grow firmly and strongly. Plant it on your heart, water it with smiles and kindness, feel the aroma of its flowers, savour the sweetness of its fruits and protection under its shade whom you love."

Thank you to Beverly for thinking of others.

This award requires you list 6 things that make you happy right at the moment.

1. I am happy that blogging has introduced me to so many kind folks.
2. I am happy that Tropical Storm Fay decided to dump on Lake Ochechobee instead of on me. The lake supplies water to much of Florida and is down several feet. So this is a good thing.
3. I am happy that school will begin tomorrow, and our local world will get back to normal again. Some of my grandchildren are homeschooled, and others attend public school. I'm grateful that all of them love learning.
4. I am happy that I have a husband who understands and supports me with the time I spend on the computer. Of course, he is thankful that he gets to watch sports!
5. I am happy that my mother gave me the gift of reading. Whenever she had a minute, she always had a book or a magazine in her hand. I have the same love of reading.
6. I am happy knowing my family is safe and healthy.

I heart your blog award is the second award that Beverly shares.
The rules of the award are:

1. The winner should put the award on their blog.
2. Link to the person that gave you the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to the blogs you nominate.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you've nominated.

Using Beverly as an example, I am sharing these two awards with each of you reading this post. Please feel free to take these and pay-them-forward. Please let me know if you post the six things making you happy so that I may share in your happiness.


Beverly said...

This was fun. Thanks for letting me know you posted your happy things.

I'm glad you aren't getting pounded by the storm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
Congratulations on your awards. Thank you for passing them along. I have them up and posted. I hope you will pick up the awards I left for you. It has been great getting to know you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally
I would love to take an award to my site but I need some help to take it there. I'm not able to figure out how to do it. Can you help?
Thank you