Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay & Bloggy Giveaways

No school again today. Tropical Storm Fay isn't out of breath yet. We're still standing just fine, though. I had someone who will remain nameless (Justine!) beg me to take pictures. I tried to tell her it's just RAIN. Why does anyone want to see rain? Well, to shut her up make her happy, I took some, but you know what they look like? Yep, RAIN! Dark, gloomy, blurry--rain. So sorry, no pictures. Please don't hate me.

However, to placate those of you who want--really want to see how windy it gets, I have a video. There's a sport called kite surfing. You grab a bar that is attached to a giant kite and hang on. Here's an example of why you should NOT do this during a tropical storm. Notice, please, the other people on the beach who are not blown away.

The fellow is in critical condition. I'm sure the sand in his mouth will remain for awhile.

We should experience gusts up to 60mph soon. It's rained all night long--heavy rain, but Johnny and I slept through it. The good news: it will pass over Lake Okeechobee, our natural lake that provides water for the state. We've had drought conditions lately, so this is a very good thing. God is good. We need the water, and we're getting water. The bad news: some people have their electricity out; that's irritating. I've done that before, and it's no fun. However, it should be restored today. Tornadoes are predicted, and there's the real problem, but they're not BIG tornadoes like Kansas sees. We get category one tornadoes. Enough of this. On to more interesting news.

Remember the week of June 28-August 1, when there was a Bloggy Giveaways Carnival? There's one every three months. The time before that one, I entered a bunch of giveaways, but I did not win a one. However, I had fun trying! Truthfully, it was all about winning then.

However, this time, I have a blog, and I had even more fun. I gave away a $10 Target gift card, and I had fun meeting the winner and her family. That's the real fun of the carnival--meeting all the wonderful people in Blogland.

This carnival, I won three prizes! Take a look:
Daisy sent me a computer game, Brainiveristy that is going to go to some already smart grandchildren. I tell you, if it worked on a Mac, I'd have kept it for myself. (Yes, I am that selfish!)
Cindy sent me this book, Help Me, I'm Married! It is written by Joyce Meyer and is out of print. People stand in line wanting to get a copy of this book of gems.
Killashandra at Full Time in New Mexico created and made this jewelry. I received it in this beautiful lavender bag.
My camera is one of those cheap ones, so I do apologize. The red blobs are delicate red roses, my favorite flower.

The carnival is a great idea. It stirs up excitement in Blogland and allows the opportunity of meeting even more friends. I have only been blogging since June, and I am amazed at just how many new people I have grown to care about--people I talk to every day. There'll be another carnival coming up in October. Have you entered this giveaway? Did you give something away? Have any good results? Start thinking now about what you might plan to giveaway.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Sally, I had forgotten I posted the pic of the cat when I read your comment in Outlook, and for a few seconds I was devastated that I appear to be "fluffy" in my profile pic or elsewhere on the blog! I do have some cheeks! And most of my posts are full of fluff, too! Thanks for the smile, Sal. I'm glad you're not being afflicted by Fay. We get horrible tornadoes in Indiana, too. Hope it all blows away soon, after you get the needed rain.

artis1111 said...

Sally,I am going to ask a silly question.How did you get your name in script??????

Killlashandra said...

That's cool you won 3 prizes. I think I did too, and have more posts coming about those later. Although the first time I participated I did not win a thing. Funny how the randomizer works. :)

Glad you're just getting rain. I listened to a bit of news this morning on the radio and heard Faye had shifted directions and was leaving nothing but rain behind. That's good.

Well my kids were out of school yesterday due to all the hail damage from Sunday. I can relate to that one.

Dawn said...

It sounds like you are getting the rain that you need! I didn't have the news on yesterday so I hadn't heard any new updates. The person in the video you shared was not very bright!! I sure hope he's okay.

It looks like you have had some fun winnings. What is the book about?

take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
Congratulations on your wins! It sounds like a lot of fun.
I cannot believe the guy in the storm video! Why someone would even be down on a beach in that kind of weather is beyond me. I am glad you and hubby are keeping dry and safe!

Jackie said...

Yay, it's fun to win stuff! I entered about 500 contests and didn't win a single thing! Oh well...next time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your short visit! I used to live in Deerfield Beach not far from you. I kind of miss Broward Co and all the friends I left. We used to go to the Flea Market at Sunrise ,I found some really neat plates there!

Anonymous said...

You have certainly been the winner! Good for you. Thats so fun isn't it?

I hope your weather gets better quickly and there isn't too much more rain and flooding. Its really scarey isn't it...I'm glad you're safe.

all day (allen d) said...

hi Mom. i cannot access the video

Life on the Edge said...

So glad that the storm turned out to be somewhat underwhelming!I worried when hurricane Edoard blew through Texas when my son was there, but he said it just rained.

That video of the kite surfer was wild! What are people thinking of?


Justine said...

Wow, what neat presents you go! I love the jewelry. So pretty!

Justine :o )