Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Time for Ice Cream!

Linda gave me this idea.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

* What's your favorite flavor?
* What's your favorite brand?
* Hand dipped or soft serve?
* Sugar cone, waffle cone, regular cone, or in a cup?

My favorite is Baskin Robbin Pralines and cream in a sugar cone, pictured here.

Remember the ice cream parlor? Are there any of those left where you live? We have Jackson's close by.
Does anyone remember the colored cones sold in the grocery store? You'd bring it home, fill it with a scoop of your choice, and it is just like going out for ice cream!


John said...

favorite: world class chocolate, Baskin Robbins, hand dipped, sugar cone

We have seats in our Baskin Robbins and in Cold Stone Creamery.

Yeah, I remember the colored cones.

Ice cream is good on a hot day.

Justine said...

Ooh, I'd have to say my very favorite is soft-serve from Carvel. Chocolate! But I don't have any Carvel's near me ,and I can't eat sugar anyway dammit!

Justine :o )

Unknown said...

I HAD to comment on this post!! Icecream is my all time favorite snack!!! I eat WAY too much of it!

My favorite brand is a tie between Ben & Jerry's and Blue Bell!

If I'm eating Ben & Jerry's my favorite flav is Oatmeal Cookie Chunk!

If I'm eating Blue Bell, I like Moo-lenium Crunch!

I could eat icecream all day and night, non stop!!

ps. I don't do much soft serve.

daisy said...

Oh, my gosh...that Baskin Robbins pic brings back some memories of walking to BR to get me a scoop of Oregon Blackberry ice cream in a sugar cone. The pralines N cream looks delicious now, but when I was a kid, it was strictly Oregon Blackberry. I was a berry kid. No nuts for me.

And one more thing to make you happy, have won my giveaway for the Brainiversity game. Send me your address and I'll send you some fun!

daisyaday [at] gmail [dot] com

Jan said...

I have so many favorites. I just like something with a little chocolate chunk in it. I do love me some pralines though. Yum.

I don't remember those cones you are talking about though. Those sound really good though.

It is so funny how ice cream is such a big part of our lives. It just never gets old or boring. It remains the same. Just comfort treat.

Amy said...

My favorite is cake batter icecream made at ColdStone Creamery! I think it is by far the best icecream I have EVER had!

Dawn said...

I don't know if I have a favorite. When I go to the local ice-cream parlor (and it has been years) I like to order rum raisin, frozen pudding, oreo, coffee or strawberry. Those are among my favorite. I like my ice cream in a cup.

take care,

Anonymous said...
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Cathy said...

My favorite there too!
But I try to eat yogurt somewhere else, because of the weight problem ~

Anonymous said...

Last weekend I had orange with pineapple chunks and it was just delicous. I try to eat sorbet usually because its lower in the goodies we love.
I really love ice cream!

daisy said...

Hello again, said you emailed me, but I didn't get it yet. Can you try again? Send it to me at my daisyaday address (it's in the sidebar on my blog). Thanks! Daisy

Anonymous said...

Hi, my most dearest Daring Darling Bathroom Beautfy Snapping Diva Sally! Oh, yum! I love ice cream. I guess my favorite is home made vanilla. But I love German Chocolate Cake from Baskin Robbins, but haven't had it in so long. I don't even know if they serve it anymore.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

I just love Baskin Robins Pralines and cream. My second favorite is Strohs butter pecan, drenched in hersey chocolate with lightly salted nuts on top. I know! I know! I'm bad! But it's sooo good :>)

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I'd have to say I'm a fan of Blizzards. But, I'll happily take a bite of anything the kids are willing to share. :)

Miss Jean said...

For some reason I'm not much of an ice cream eater. My favorite, however, is plain old vanilla. Boring, huh! Although some Pralines and Cream is a beautiful thing. In the fall I love pumpkin ice cream. We have an ice cream shop in Sacramento, which is about an hour and a half away. It's called Leatherby's and their carmel sundaes are to die for!

Linda said...

Gee...some of this sounds familiar.

Suey said...

We are extremely addicted to ice cream at this house. I'd say the collective favorite is cookies and cream. We love hand dipped mostly, but soft serve is okay too!

Anonymous said...

I'm a baskin and robbins girl for sure. My favorites are chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, pistachio, and world class chocolate.

all day (allen d) said...

cookies and creme for sure!

Lisa said...

ice cream? Where????
Anytime, any flavor, anywhere!
My favorite is Maine Black Bear, which is black raspberry ice cream with tiny chocolate raspberry truffles mixed in. It's made at Richardson's a local dairy farm. After you purchase your cone you can take a little walk to see the cows. Always a big hit!

Ky Val said...

Rocky road is my favorite from Breyers, but if I am having a root beer float I prefer soft serve.

Cake cones are my fav and yes, I remember the colored cones.