Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First Day of School

Where I live, today is the first day of school for this year 2008-2009. It's a couple of days late because of Tropical Storm Fay. I won't be going, and I'm a little saddened by that fact.

As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher. But, I married shortly after graduating from high school at age seventeen. (I skipped fourth grade.) When my two children married, I enrolled in college, keeping my dream of teaching alive. Four years later, degree in hand, I began to teach. I am one of those fortunate enough to live my childhood dream! I taught high school for many years. People used to tell me I had courage to teach in high school. Not so--it was pure joy. I loved teaching! It's not an easy job, but it's a rewarding one.

I know that on the first day of school, parents and students are anxious; teachers are too. I don't know of any of my colleagues who ever got a good night's sleep before the first day. Exciting times await! Today is a good day to pray for your child and for your child's teacher. It should be a very good year.

Do you have memories of the first day of school?

PS The powers that be removed this video from yesterday. It's too good to miss!
There's a sport called kite surfing. You grab a bar that is attached to a giant kite and strap yourself on. Here's an example of why you should NOT do this during a tropical storm. Notice, please, the other people on the beach who are not blown away.

The foolish fellow is in critical condition in a local hospital. I'm sure the sand in his mouth will remain for awhile.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear of a childhood dream being as wonderful as you expected! Oddly enough, I don't remember my first day at any of my schools. I do have lots of happy memories though. I think I'll always miss high school a little bit.

Dawn said...

I have many years of memories of the first day of school. I've been working at my school for 18 years. This is the beginning of the 19th year for me. I also got my degree later and my job later than most. I have friends a few years older than me who are retiring. I still have another 15 (?) to go. It's all good with me. I love my job!

take care,

Justine said...

Oh my goodness, what a moron!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the poor idiot recovers, but what WAS he thinking? And yes, the storm is moving this way and can you believe I'm excited?

Justine :o )

daisy said...

Ouch! Boy did that plan backfire! Is that what you call learning a lesson the hard way?

Sal, I bet you were a great teacher! I was always nervous the first day of school as a student. I never realized that the teachers were nervous, too, until I did my student teaching. I thought it was just me. :)

Cindy Swanson said...

Sally, my husband has been in education all his adult life, and I have the deepest respect for teachers! Great teachers are precious jewels.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

What a great post. I always loved the first day of school...butterflies filled my tummy

Bridget said...

Oh my Florida does get more than its fair share of lunatics!
I'm sorry you aren't going to school today! Is this your first year in retirement? Just remember why you retired in the first place and maybe that will cheer you up!

Anonymous said...

You must have been very happy to be able to do what you had wanted to do and had a chance to be with your children until they were older.
I remember my first day in kindergarden! I was there with my best friend Vera. Vera had these little white shoes that did look like baby's shoes as I recall. She didn't want to be in school and children were being mean to her because of her shoes. I remember sitting next to her as we sat in a circle and she was crying and I was trying to console her. I think because I was trying to look after poor Vera I didn't have a chance to feel anxiety on my own part.
I do remember those butterfly feelings all the other years though...anticipation and apprehension.

I saw that video on the news. They were saying they warn people of this and that during a hurricane and now they have something else to add to it. What a guy..what WAS he thinking of?

Hope you've had a good day.

I like your awards... *s*.. Its nice that you have special blogging friend like Carol.

Anonymous said...

I went to college late too. You followed your dream to teach and I followed my dream to become a nurse. Even to this day I feel a sense of antisipation when school is starting. It's a sort of excitement that I cannot explain.

John said...

He's stupid, that's all I gotta say!

Killlashandra said...

The first day of school does seem to be filled with anxiety on several different levels for parents and kids. Although around here it's more like don't get suspended the first day of school You think I jest.

A friend of my step daughter's, her brother and friend got suspended for 9 days their first day of school for having pocket knives. That's appalling and not uncommon in the rural schools here...

Glad you got to be a teacher. I thought about being a teacher but decided I liked working for teachers in administration more. ;)

nikkicrumpet said...

OH MY...thanks for sharing that video..I never saw that and it was unreal...a good lesson of what NOT to do!